Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 24, 2014 – Package Received - Good Week! - Week 23 in Kuching

So I’m in the Singapore airport right now waiting for my flight back to Kuching.

This email’s going to be pretty short.

Got the package, way nice, the cookies are delicious and I’m wearing the jeans right now.

Also Katherine that’s a very nice picture of your bike, I’ll have to send you one of mine.

Last week was way good, we went to meet with Jarraus’ family but the parents were not home. We did meet with the kids and their Uncle whose name is Luke. He is way awesome. If he actually puts in the effort he will be way good. He told us before we had talked about the Holy Ghost, or anything, that if he felt it was true in his heart that he would join the church. We shared the Book Of Mormon so it should be way good.

Also, you remember Brother Clement, he had a heart attack - right, anyway Sister Lucy's (his wife) parents were at the hospital when we gave him the blessing. Anyway since then they have felt "pulled to your church" and are now learning!!!! Way cool!

Elmie was finally able to meet again this week, she read a bit and said that she would actually start now!!!!

Anyway, way sick week, Zone Conference was also way good, tied with the last one as the best I have been to.

Gotta go!


Elder Halpin

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