Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014 – Great Week! … but Ouch! - Week 2 in Sibu Jaya

So..... This week was great!!!!

The best thing this week was teaching 17+ lessons! A new record for me, my previous was 11 in Ipoh.

We have some new people learning. Brother John and his wife Sister Sutia. He is an inactive member but wants to come back. He was 1 week away from baptism when Sister Sutia was baptized, however, smoking killed him. We will work with him again.

Sister Kat is 37 not 60... Anyway we helped her in her kebun (farm, garden) on Friday. Learned how to find, harvest, prepare and cook bamboo chutes it was very interesting.

The worst thing that happened this week goes like this...

So the members here like to kecau (tease, trick, make fun of, use awful Malaysian sarcasm on, etc.) the Elders.

We were at Sister Seleha and family's home (a recent convert family) last night for family home evening. We had lots of fun. They tell us the activity is going to be outside, everyone goes outside. A flour fight ensues... Way fun. Unfortunately it had been raining a bit and as I ran out from under the parking shelter my feet flew out from under me and I landed on my left hand/wrist. Long story short I am typing this in a cast that I got earlier today.... Yes I fractured my wrist..... It should take about 2 months to heal. I can still ride a bike more or less.

Anyway, that’s Elder Halpin’s week.

Honestly I’m in good spirits and not too worried about my wrist. The work here is too good to be worried about things like that. Basically I tied my tie one handed today, thus it is short. I also forgot to shave. I also need a haircut that I’ve been too busy today to get...

Sibu Jaya is the best!!!!


Elder Halpin

Pictures this week:

Me with Sister Doris and family
She is a recent convert.

In a tree gathering fruit.

Elder Chan and I with a short tie and broken wrist.
This was literally taken minutes ago.

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