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January 25, 2015 – I Let Go and Let God… - Week 6 in Singapore

So this week was good.

We are currently waiting for transfer news.

Dad:  You mentioned your have a smartphone in Singapore – how come you have one of those?

Elder Halpin: We have smart phones in Singapore for a couple reasons. 1. Because everyone uses Whatsapp, they don’t text. 2. It’s way nice to have the gospel library app also. 3. You cannot get brick phones here.

Our investigators are doing well.

But, Trishalyn dropped us....

None of them were able to come to church this week, but they have been praying and reading. We are meeting with Celynne later today at 3. Should be good. She is progressing well, if things go well then maybe we can put her on date later. We are currently trying to help her gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. She is basically agnostic right now.

Doris is coming along as well. She is starting to actually pray and read, and is praying to know if god exists.

Dad:  Pretty awesome getting investigators walking from the intersection…  Was this your idea or your companions?

Elder Halpin: Contacting people at intersections was a combined effort idea.

On Friday I went on splits with Elder Egbert in his area. In the afternoon we went to a food bank and unloaded a bunch of vegetables from a truck and also chopped up a ton of hotdogs. I went into their giant freezer. It was cold....

On Wednesday we went to the YWCA and helped sort and organize stuff to give to poor people.

So yeah. Still waiting on transfer news....

Also if I didn't say last week, Kenneth, from Sibu Jaya, got baptized!

Yesterday we picked up Presly, a member from Johor Bahru, from the border and took him to the chapel so he could become Elder Ngerantar. He left for his mission in Toronto this morning.

Transfers have come in - So, I’m gone. I’m going to Sabah (the northern state in East Malaysia).  To the City of Kota Kinabalu, the promised land!!!! I’ll be in the 2nd branch with Elder Yang. We are whitewashing again. It’s a biking area, so my bike will be shipped form Sibu Jaya. Should be way dope. Sabah has Malay that is clear, fast and grammatically proper. Hopefully I will finish my mission there. This is the area that Elder Blackwelder started in and he storied me with how cool it was. I’m way syked!

I didn’t think I would ever say this but I will miss Singapore. When I arrived I was pretty frustrated, but after a week and a half of fighting myself, I let go and let God make what he wanted me to be. I’ve learned and grown so much spiritually in the last 6 weeks! Elder Wright and I have taken the area from nothing to 3 progressing investigators in 6 weeks notwithstanding extreme limitations on how we could work.

I know why God sent me to woodlands.


Elder Halpin


When we walk around we find random stuff. 
This is a hat left at a bus stop.

Ginormous woks at the helping hands place.

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