Monday, October 14, 2013

October 13, 2013 – The Work Continues - Week 17 in Kuching

This week was pretty good.

First off Dad. After you have knocked everything you have a couple options. First, all the while you’re knocking you should be asking for referrals from the Less Actives and members you visit. A referral is 100 times better than a missionary contact. Also knocking is not the only way to contact. You can also contact in crowded places such as shopping centers and malls. So yeah, knocking is very dependent on a lot of things such as if the people are home, what their life is like at the time you knock and also the time of day when you knock. But anyway yeah, we will probably start going over areas again slowly.

Louris' family: We went over and met his family and started to get to know them and then started teaching but the father whose name is Julius didn’t want to listen to us and pretty much shut us down by declaring "we are already committed to roman Catholicism". So maybe they will be ready in the future. We did get Julius to commit to reading a little of the Kitab Mormon every evening with his family, so maybe they will be touched and want to continue learning.

Wednesday we went with Bro Alexsius to Kampong Kudei to meet members that we had never met before, it went well and now we have some new people to work with. Alexsius is a great help, he is a returned missionary from Kota Kinabalu, he served in Matang for 8 or 9 months and it was he along with an Elder Jones that baptized a ton of people here. I think about 40 - 50 in a period of like 5 months. Anyway, these people were strong in the church for a while but what happened is that one of the weaker ones went less active or something such and then it was like a domino effect. So anyway, yeah, really sad.

Thursday we had appointments with a bunch of members including Sister Gulang. One of her many dogs had died so we buried it for her....

We also finally figured out Elder Ferguson's problem, he is allergic to curry. It takes a while but if he eats it for dinner he will throw it up sometime that night. Long story.

Friday we rallied the troops for General Conference. We rode to Kampong Kudei and Siol Kandis and gave everyone flyers about General Conference. Some came, it was good. We have it in English too, so we have been watching it in our spare time such as lunch and in the evening.

But yeah, that was our week. I will get back to you again.

Sincerely, Elder Halpin

An abandoned mansion we found while biking

Eating lunch at the Church with everyone
in between General Conference sessions.

Me waiting for General Conference to start.

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