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October 6, 2013 – Surviving the Storm … - Week 16 in Kuching

So this week was interesting. A lot of things happened that killed a lot of our time but, at the same time, the time that did go right went really right. So first off last Monday we played futsal. Basically it’s like indoor soccer on a small concrete court. Today we were going to Bako as a zone activity again but the president tidak suruh it (negative command). So instead we will be playing futsal again, I’ll get some pictures this time. I would really like to go to Bako again or the caves we went to on my 2nd P-day again, maybe next week.

So, Elder Ferguson. No I guess I haven’t talked much about him. So first off, seeing him at the place he’s at shows me how far I’ve come in the language and it’s really kind of amazing. People are kind of shocked when I tell them I’ve only been in Malaysia 4 months. It’s actually a really good way to contact people. By the way, the training is going well I guess, I don’t have a whole lot of experience but I try to share what I do know. He makes a whole bunch of language bloopers but I guess I probably did too. He also has a lot of greenie power (greenies imagine themselves (for the most part) as invincible and thus they are extremely hopeful and confident), it’s kind of nice cause I was just starting to lose mine. He’s not a huge fan of the food here but he does all right. He’s also finally getting to the point he can keep up on his bike. But ya we get along way good and have a lot fun doing the work.

This week on Wednesday we actually were told the whereabouts of the badminton place and we had an informal activity there with a bunch of members. Pretty fun. Thursday turned out to be a bust. We planned to go tracting all day but as we left the house I noticed it was a little windy. As we rode south I noticed that the entire sky to the south was black. And as we came out from the houses to where I could actually see, there was a column of blackness reaching into the heavens. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. Basically it looked like the black gate of mordor but in the sky above the layer of normal rainclouds. Every few seconds it would glow purple and emit streaks of lighting. And it was coming right for us. By the time I realized how serious this storm was it had sent out two arms of clouds and had surrounded us except in one direction. We began riding that way as fast as we could and I soon realized we could get back to the house if we went the back way. Then it hit. At first it was your basic rainstorm, turn up the voltage and wind 100%. On the way home a bolt hit about 30 feet to the left of Elder Ferguson, I literally felt the shockwave from the thunder. Bolts continued to strike near to us the entire way home. It was seriously nonstop thunder the entire way and bolts were regularly hitting houses, trees and power poles pretty close to us. We continued along in high spirits with the wind to our back the entire way. Just as we were getting back to Matang Jaya (the neighborhood where our house is) the real storm hit. Immediately it was like swimming through the air. Elder Fergusons front mud fender was ripped off his bike and flew past his face and he almost got blown into the drainage ditch. basically the entire road was a river and our bikes were throwing up so much water if you stopped peddling and put your foot down it was like water skiing. By the time we got to our house the 2 foot wide by 4 foot deep runoff gutters on both sides of the road were overflowed and the entire road was filled with water, luckily it didn’t get any higher though. But anyway that continued for the rest of the day and also the night.

Friday was a way good day. We went tracting and pretty much eliminated the last area I had not explored. It basically was an all Islamic kampong. However when we went to badminton on Wednesday I noticed an area of Bondour that we had not knocked before so after we explored we went there. There were about 7 streets each with like 20 homes. Most were Orang Cina (chinese) but 2-3 on every street were Christian. We went through all the houses with no luck until the last street. The first house an 18 year old Iban Roman Catholic guy named Louris came out and talked to us. He said he was pretty busy but we got him to accept a return appointment today at 7, wish us luck. Two houses later we met a man named Herman who lived with his parents and grandparents. He was RC and Bidayu and had grown up speaking English and was attending a university. At the end of the month he is going to Singapore to continue his schooling. But anyway he started a job today that is from 10-10 every day, pretty normal here. But anyway, he said that although he wouldn't have time after Monday he ended up coming to church yesterday, he had lots of questions about the priesthood and the Book of Mormon, it was pretty cool! Although he has no more time now, once he goes to Singapore he will have a lot more and we plan on passing him to the Singapore Elders.

So ya. We continue to work with the less actives in both Siol Kandis and Kampong Kudei. This week we had some really good lessons with some of them. Brother Tuhah also continues to come to church and is way cool. we haven’t been able to visit him because either we can’t get a hold of him or we can’t find his house or I can’t understand what he’s saying over the phone, but anyway ya.

Conference.  We will get it in both English and Malay this week so as we’ve been visiting less actives we've been inviting them.

Also I think I already said this but in Malaysia nobody listens to the anti-piracy laws and the government doesn’t care. Thus as you walk around you’ll find lots of movie and music kedais with these cheap Chinese made plastic sleeve movies and music CDs. Most of the time movies are available here before they come out in the theatres in the United States. And they always have one or two TVs playing the latest movies or news. As we walked by, one time, it had a news headline about the government, shutdown or something? It was in Malay and using big words so I couldn’t completely understand. Anyway... About 3 days later this guy called to us from the side of the road and said that he had been a friend of an Elder Matheson, an Elder that served in Matang in 2010-11. He asked us what was wrong with our government and also if we had reported to the embassy yet.... We explained that it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. So anyway what’s the rundown on that.

Pictures below.


Elder Halpin

Oh the buah!!!
it’s pretty much all over the place,
sometimes though you have to look for it,
 other times you can’t avoid it (Sister Gulang).
Anyway a new favorite of mine is langsa,
it’s basically a grape inside a soft shell thing.
 It’s pretty good and way cheaper than grapes
(4 ringgit per kilo vs 15 ringgit per kilo).
Also the shell makes it so that you can haul
 it around all day without it getting smashed.

For some reason people here like putting
Egyptian statues everywhere.
This is one of like 4-5 I know about.




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