Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 4, 2014 – Happy Chinese New Year! - Week 3 in Kuching

We did not get an email from Matthew on Sunday February 2, 2014 as we expected.

We finally got an email from Matthew on Tuesday February 4, 2014

Elder Halpin: The reason I didn’t email until today was because there were no email kedais open until today.

We did get another email from him a few minutes later:

So, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

This past week has been kind of weird to put it lightly. Basically, starting Thursday, the entire world shutdown. We were able to visit a few members last week but basically today the world is finally coming out of hibernation mode. Even big chain supermarkets were completely closed down. If we hadn't had a large stash of eggs, mee sedap and oatmeal we would have starved.

Something interesting you might not know, they cook the eggs and milk here until they can sit on a shelf at room temperature forever.... Probably not the best.

Anyway, Andrew is doing good as is Charlie, Andrew wasn’t able to meet that day though. We will be teaching him tonight. We haven't been able to meet Rini in a while but we are working on that.

We went to the caves on Monday. That was pretty sick. Tight spaces and crawls, towering caverns, waterfalls, cliffs, holes, skylights and such, lots of bats too.

This evening we have a bunch of lessons planned so it should be good, also a bunch of our potential investigators are available now to meet.

I have been working on using the Book of Mormon to teach better. When Elder Wilson spoke to us, he really stressed the importance of reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators and less actives,  Since then, I have been trying to do that and have seen the blessings it brings to people. When you read the Book of Mormon with the intention of teaching the people you are reading with you will be surprised how many gospel principles you can pull out of a single chapter. It kind of blows your mind. I don’t know if I’ve just been living with my eyes closed or if this is something new, but try it.

I finally have a grip on the area and all our members and can pretty much navigate it.

Sort of bad news though, this transfer has been shortened. President Mains has to go to Hong Kong for a meeting. So it has been moved up a week. We will know on Saturday the 22nd and actually move on the 24th, that Monday... I seriously hope I don’t leave, one transfer in an area is too short.

Love you all,

Elder Halpin



A little dry dock we found on the river.

Ramond (Bro Beliang’s son who is going on a mission),
Elder Poppleton and Me

Chinese New Year craziness

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