Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 17, 2014 – P-Day Trip Back to Matang - Week 5 in Kuching

So this week was ok.

Charlie has sort of dropped off the end of the earth, we aren’t sure if he went to Kampung or what...

Andrew is doing ok. He makes commitments but then doesn’t try very hard to keep them. For instance, on Sunday we dropped by his house on the way to church, (we live across the road from the church and he lives in between us and the church) and he said he would be there after he took a shower. He never showed up... So ya, that’s kind of the situation we are in with him. There is another guy his age that wants to help us teach so we will be taking him with us this week, his name is Anthony and he stopped smoking and drinking to join the church, we are hoping he can help Andrew.

On a positive note, Bro Raymond is almost ready to turn in his mission papers.

Also we have had some success with some of the less active families in our branch. Bro Clement and his family and also Bro Skee and his family came.

On Monday I resolved to visit the people up in Matang. On the way we stopped at several internet kedais but all were either closed or the internet was down. Anyway we were able to visit 5 families, Sister Munah (her eyes are better she can read again!). Sister Gulang, Brother Dunggat and Sister Dina, Brother Aret and Sister Linyang and President Mobil and Sister Nisi. Good times.

On the way back we stopped at our Branch President’s house (President David) for a birthday party. We had wild boar in 3 forms, fried, stewed and dried. In a while I have been told I will be treated to fermented Babi Hutan (pig, jungle)... It has been sitting in a sealed container in their kitchen for the past few times I’ve been over... 33-38 miles later I slept surprisingly unwell.

Anyway, sounds like things have been good at home, good luck to the people on the basketball team!!!!!


Elder Halpin

P.S., Sort of a cool thing I guess, a Malay/Indonesian music scene does exist. Some of it’s pretty good too. There is one such artist named Yuna. One of our members said that some of her English music was on a radio station that only plays English popular music so my question is basically addressed to Micaela, has Yuna made it to the USA?


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