Friday, May 30, 2014

May 25, 2014 – Brother Uching Returns after Two Years Away! - Week 19 in Kuching

This week was a mixed bag.

That food was Malaysian style curry pizza.

This is Malaysian style curry pizza.

So, first off, on Monday morning Brother Clement had a heart attack. We went to the hospital to give him a blessing that evening. He’s still in the hospital but doing much better now.

We also decided to go visit Brother Uching that evening. We got together everyone we could find (Brother Beliang, Brother Raymond, Brother Sup, Brother Jeff, Brother Senen, President David and Sister Catherine and mobbed his house. It turned out all right - everyone was talking and having a good time. On Sunday Brother Uching came to church, the first time in 2 years!

Also, Brother Beliang is coming consistently now. In addition, his son, Syaiful, is coming too. We had 43 at church.

So yeah.

Unfortunately we can’t meet Poura until her husband, who works "outstation," (oil rig or palm oil field) comes back, but she did start reading the Book of Mormon so it should be good later on.

Also number 6’s return appointment fell through. Still working on getting that one going.

Also making preparations for Gawai (opening gawai is Saturday at midnight and Sunday is the first day). Only sacrament meeting is scheduled. Even still, we already know that all of our strong families will be going to Kampung that evening and won’t be at church. We are fully expecting 4 people at church including us... This will be the case across all of Sarawak. It’s probably going to kill all work next week, and there might not be any email next week because all the kedais will probably be closed. The only bright side is that we have received many invitations to visit people’s longhouses which should be cool.

This week should be good anyway. Get lots of work done.

Elder Halpin

Pictures this week:

Elder Lafontaine and me.

Jason, Sister Merina’s son.
He’s 11 were going to try and
get him ready for the priesthood.

Me chilling at district meeting.

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