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May 4, 2014 – 10 Reasons the Book of Mormon is Awesome - Week 16 in Kuching

So, first off, Mother’s Day next week. I am not sure exactly of the time, but Brother Jeff has offered to let us use his computers Monday morning. I have permission to send a confirmation email on Sunday so I will do that, I’ll send you the name to search and stuff too.

So this week was better. We have 4 new investigators!!!

You might remember Andrew one our former investigators. Anyway at the time I felt like some of his siblings might be interested but it didn't really work out. It finally worked out!  We decided to drop by just to say hi and we met his sister Minah who invited us back! So we went back on Wednesday and Andrew, Minah, their father Maju and another sibling Baling met with us. They are all Anglican except for Maju who still follows "the way of the Iban".

Meeting again this week should be good.

We also met with Kelvin and Karren and taught the first Temple prep lesson. They are great!

We also are teaching an institute class on Friday night. It’s doing good.

We are meeting with Anthony and his friend Elmi’s referral on Tuesday, should be good.

Splitting your area after working in it for three months sucks. Basically there were lazy Elders here before and kind of killed the area a bit. Elder Poppleton and I and then Elder Lafontaine and I finally got the area going again and then they split it...... ugh. Anyway bottom line all the referrals and such we were working on in the other half have finally started to show face and it’s a bit frustrating.

That’s OK though, the other Elders are good and I trust them, they’ll do a good job.

I've decided to read the quad in a couple months or less. I started on Wednesday and am already to 2nd Kings. It’s going well, basically been reading a book, sometimes two, a day. I've already learned a heap I didn't realize. For instance, when Jesus says the two greatest commandments I always thought he just compiled them all into categories in his head and then made something up. Nope, it’s actually a direct quote from Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Anyway cool stuff. That’s something I've noticed as I've been reading actually, that the higher law is written all over the lower law you just have to dig for it and think about it.

10 Reasons the Book of Mormon is awesome.

1. It brings people to and strengthens their knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and made the atonement for all mankind.

2. It brings to light important doctrines and principles such as prayer, the atonement, the plan of salvation, obedience, the power of the spirit etc.

3. It is the keystone. It holds everything in place. Through it people can gain a lasting testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.

4. If you read it every day you will become closer to your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

5. It answers questions of the soul.

6. If I read the Book of Mormon in the morning then almost without fail I find a way to apply what I learned during the day.

7. It backs up the Bible.

8. It shows God’s love and longsuffering for his children.

9. It shows us the power of the Atonement.

10. It is the single most useful Missionary tool there is. It, coupled with a testimony, are pretty kuat. (strong).

Elder Halpin

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