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January 12, 2014 – Life is Good, Transfers: back to Kuching - Week 6 in Ipoh

First off we are currently waiting for transfers. Maybe Sisters will come and we will have to split Ipoh three ways. Maybe Elder Coloma leaves.  Maybe I leave? I don’t want to but I feel like I might based on comments and rumors I’ve heard.

Things have been going really good. Our investigators are almost all progressing. Angel’s husband, KC, finally sat in on a lesson. The trick was to get them out of their house to the Church. Anyway we watched the restoration video and then talked about it and the plan of salvation a little. KC was pretty interested and they said that they would read together every day!!

We got to meet the 2nd Myanmar family yesterday. It was an interesting lesson. The father was there for the first time. He was very skeptical but we got them to commit to read together. Achung and Tinting are very interested and they explained a lot of things to Akam (the father) in Chin. Next lesson we will probably try to put them on date. They are a very fun family to teach. At the end of the lesson Brother Akam said (literally translated) "so, I must read it" referring to the Book Of Mormon (super exited)! The other Myanmar family was in Kuala Lumpur this week so we could not meet with them.

Xavier is doing good. If you remember the only thing holding him back is that he now has school on Sunday 11:30-1:00. This week his father gets back from “I’m not sure where” and will be able to take him to school instead of his friends. So he will be able to come to the first 30 minutes of Sacrament meeting anyway. We also talked to him to see if maybe he could switch class times or something. He has a strong testimony and has a desire to be baptized so I’m not worried about him. We just have to find some way to get him to church.

I don’t remember if I told you about Raj last week. He is an old Indian man living in a nursing home that one of our members works at. He is very smart, just a little slow. He has a sincere desire to learn and said on Saturday night that he wants to be baptized once he understands everything a little better. He said "no man in his right mind wouldn’t want to be baptized." It was a very big shock to us since we thought that he would be very slow. We will be visiting him more often now to read with him and such.

We met with one of the many pastors that we met at the Christmas party on Saturday too. His name was Bother Gabriel. He used to be Anglican but started his own church recently. It was kind of a weird meeting, he was trying to convert us pretty hard. Anyway, he said that he would read the Book Of Mormon and that he would come to church this coming week, (his church services are held in the evenings).

We met with Ken again this week. He is solid. The only reasons he isn’t baptized yet is because he is worried about his family and school situation. He doesn’t think he has enough time to go to church and finish his assignments. Also his parents just got divorced and he worried about that as well. God doesn't give us trials we can’t overcome nor commandments we can’t keep. We invited him to pray and ask if he should be baptized now or wait. The Holy Ghost could help him so much in school and with his family problems, I hope that he recognizes that.

Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun at home. Micaela, I told you geology would be fun! Sounds like Hawaii was fun. Too bad you didn’t get to try durian! Gladys and Bright it’s glad to hear you are doing all right. Dad is reading Les Misrebles????

Life is good ... Still waiting for transfers... Ugh, they are late... I’ll send some pictures.

Mom:  Any news on transfers?  Also....just reread your excited for your investigators!  And a will Brother Akam (sp) (the Myanmar dad) read the Book Of Mormon if he only understands Chin?  Awesome that he committed to doing that...

Elder Halpin:  His Son and Daughter (Achung and Tinting) will read with him. Transfers just came in. I’m going to Kuching again, this time in the Kota Samarahan Branch (opposite corner of Kuching). My new companion will be Elder Poppleton, he’s been out 3 months.


Elder Halpin

Here are some pictures.

Me, and from left to right, Brother Cristopher (really good member missionary), President Yap (District President, awesome guy) Sister Patricia (aweome recent convert).

Xavier and me
Sister Loh (family history guru and really good missionary) and Joshua (Sister Patricia's Son, really good artist) and me.

Me and Kit (Sister Chris' Son, epic at badminton, really just toys with everone else, going on mission to Hong kong end of march)
Dylan (only member in his family, really good at tracting, hopefully he will be turning in his mission papers soon)
Jun (Sister Chris' other Son, going on mission to San Jose at the same time)
Sister Chris (epicest member ever) and Sandra (Sister Chris' niece, going to Australia soon to work).

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