Monday, January 27, 2014

January 19, 2014 – Crazy Week, Back to Kuching - Week 1 in Kuching

So, this week was pretty good.

Elder Coloma, as you know, was finished with his training, and so he started training in Ipoh.

So Mom, the Kampung Matang was the furthest area we ever went in Matang. Kota Samarahan is the thing you saw. The branch goes up to the river in between it and Kuching proper.

After the craziness of transfers and the sadness of saying goodbye to everyone I hopped on a bus to Pulau Penang and then on a plane direct to Kuching.

So one of the cool things about this mission is that every area is different. Not one is the same as another, even in the same city. Samarahan is WAY different than Matang. Anyway we have a few investigators and also some less actives we are working on.

We also have Brother Jeff. He is the Branch President’s brother and helps with the work quite a bit. So we are waiting for my bicycle to arrive here from Ipoh so we are reduced to member rides and walking. We have done a fair amount of both over the last few days and actually accomplished quite a bit.

Elder Poppleton, or Elder Pop as he is known, is pretty cool. He’s from Utah and is 19. Anyway, short email this week, super bad internet and laggy computers.

Mom: I assume that you are not hanging around the computer but just in case.....   You said samarahan is way different than your other Kuching area.  In what way?   

Elder Halpin: Still here, for a couple minutes. Look at google earth. The stuff above the river in Kuching is Matang.  Matang was more built up. Also it was mostly a Muslim area. This area is much more jungley and spreadout. It just has a different feel I guess.  Also only one set of elders so we work with all the members in the branch.
Also forgot my adapter so no pictures......


Elder Halpin

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