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January 5, 2014 – Another Good Week - Week 5 in Ipoh

Apa Khabar?

Life is good we made some really good progress this week. I really hope I don’t get transferred next week, things are really picking up.

We met Angel on Wednesday and put her on date for the 1st of March. The lesson was really good and the spirit was pretty strong.

We were finally able to meet Xavier again yesterday, so basically his Mom won’t really come back. She will come home for a few days and then go back. He wants to be baptized and understands everything but he has classes or maybe a tutor every Sunday. We will have to talk to his Mom when she comes to see if that can be changed otherwise we have a conundrum. He prays and reads every day and is really solid, we just have to get him to church.

We have several new investigators this week as well. We met this guy who’s name is Ken, he is a friend of Kits. He was being taught last year and was ready to be baptized but his parents said not until he was 18. He is 18 now and back from the university on break. He isn’t sure now about what to do because his family is still against it, we will see what happens.

Mala is a longtime friend of Sister Chris. She is Indian and Hindu but not really practicing. She is a tutor and speaks very good English, (better than mine). She was taught before and has had many spiritual confirmations that the Church is true. Before, her family used to pressure her not to learn, but now they don’t really care. We had a lesson with her where we just went over the restoration again. The spirit was very powerful and she accepted a baptismal date of March 8th.

So yeah, this week was very good. On Friday we went to Kuala Lumpur again for New Missionary Training (NMT) because Elder Coloma was never informed to go the one he was supposed to go to. Anyway this was the 3rd I have attended, and actually probably the best. We came back that night. While waiting for our ride we met an Indian man who looked like Spock with dark skin. He was literally a mad scientist but wants to meet again to discuss our message.

On Saturday evening Sister Letchemy invited us to a Tamil Christian dinner thing. Anyway it was like 4 or 5 churches that combined together for a worship thing. It was all in Tamil and very different. Anyway, over dinner we talked to several of the pastors that were there. Some were very interesting in their doctrines and beliefs. Anyway, one preliminarily invited us to come preach at his church on the 26th of this month. So we will see how that goes. I don’t know if he realizes that if we preach we preach our doctrines and such... Maybe some people will be interested. Who knows, maybe the whole congregation will mass convert, haha.

We committed Awan of Myanmar family 1 to live the Word of Wisdom on Sunday, first time I’ve ever done that. It’s been rough with them because the Church has no materials in Chin and only the Book of Mormon in Burmese (which we still don’t have). Anyway, things are good with them.

We are going to Singapore tommorrow for Zone Conference/Mission Tour. Basically Elder Wilson of the Asia Area Seventy will be coming. After that, on Friday, the 10th, he and President and Sister Mains will be coming to Ipoh because it is the Family history hub of Malaysia. Anyway that means that we have to go home after this and clean a LOT. Sister Mains is notoriously picky about apartment cleanliness and our apartment wasn’t clean when I arrived and it hasn’t been clean since then.

Anyway that’s about all this time, our ride is pulling us towards the door to leave so no photos.... Next week I promise a lot. Like 3 emails worth, OK...

Elder Halpin

Also... Happy New Year!!!!!!!! The last one was pretty quick you know, maybe this one would do me a favor and move a little slower... Christian Fullmer and John Lahtinen are almost to their year marks you know...

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