Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 23, 2014 – The Work Continues - Week 6 in Kuching

So this week went pretty good. We were able to meet with a lot of people.

Charlie unfortunately is pretty much done. He is a board member for the Catholic Church he goes to and the church officials basically told him that they would kick him out and make him pay for all the "free" literature he has received from them over the years (such as bibles, prayer books and other things) if he continues to learn from us.... So yeah. We left him with the promise that he could know if it was true if he sincerely read and prayed about it. We will maybe visit him again later but there's not much we can do now.

Andrew is doing much better although Anthony wasn’t able to make it yet. He continues to read and pray, but quitting smoking has been tough and he is still working on it. He lives with some of his siblings and other extended family. Usually they maintain a cool attitude towards us, but the last meeting I felt like I should invite a man sitting on the other side of the room to join us. His name is Aflek and he is Andrew’s older brother. He is married and has 2 kids (Uber & Nakal). He doesn’t read though. We ended up teaching the restoration to them. Aflek seemed mildly interested. We will be going back on Tuesday to teach again.

Also, this Saturday was transfers. I am staying in Kota Samarahan and Elder Poppleton is going to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Elder LaFontaine is coming here from Tauwau, Sabah. He is in the MTC group before mine so it will be the first time that I have been the "junior companion" since I was trained. I’ve heard that his Bahasa is pretty good so hopefully I can pick some of that up. I talked with him on the phone and it sounds like he is excited to work, so that’s good. The transfers happen tomorrow so we are pretty busy today getting ready.

We also have lot of really good potentials that I hope will start to come through in the next couple weeks.

The less active members we have been working on have been making progress.

Brother Beliang came to church for 3 hours again yesterday. We have been really trying to get them to read the Book of Mormon every day, and it’s going well.

We were able to meet with Brother Kelvin and Sister Karen yesterday. They are recent converts that were baptized last year. They are doing really well. They read together every night and always have questions when we come over.

I learned the other day from a reputable source that the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are most likely going to be finished in Malay and printed before the end of the year! Also, an Iban Book of Mormon translation has been given the green light and work should start on it if it hasn't already.

Anyway, sounds like things are going good at home. Great work at basketball Adam and Rosemitha! Also great work Adam for sharing the gospel. After seeing how fearless people are about sharing it here I'm going to have to pick up my ball game a bit when I go home.

Elder Halpin



Elder Poppleton and I
on a bridge to a member’s home.

Me standing in front of what
 quite possibly are the only
pine trees in Malaysia...


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