Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 – Slow Week - Week 15 in Kuching

So this week was annoying. I told you last week about Elder Lafontaine being sick. Anyway after that blew over all of our referrals canceled and such, good fun.

We still had good success with our less active families though. There were 48 people at church.

Also the scheduled temple trip this year was moved back a month because of scheduling issues. Anyway the low down on that is that Brother Kelvin and Sister Karen will be able to go. We are working on getting them caught up on the temple class and will be going tomorrow to give the first temple preparation lesson. Very excited for them.

I know the Church is true. It’s confirmed to me every time I teach a lesson, pray or read the scriptures. I KNOW that if we will do the little things like read and pray every day that our lives will be much more happy and fulfilling. I know that Jesus Christ’s church will not fail. I am very grateful for a living prophet and know that if we will heed the prophet’s and apostle’s words that we will be blessed. I am very grateful for the atonement. As a missionary I have seen it work miracles in the lives of people.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and directs this work, his work.

Love you guys.

Elder Halpin


Samuel, Brother Senen’s son
holding a very long tailed lizard

Elder Lafontaine and I at Sister Lihot’s house

A random house

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