Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 2, 2014 – SICK WEEK, No Medication Needed! - Week 19 in Sibu Jaya


Waiting for transfers now. I don’t want to transfer, I would be happy to just finish my mission here. However, I will go where the Lord wants me to go.

So, basically this week, we were talking to Bro Phillip and he said that he thought his medical issue was resolved enough to try the plastic waterproofing method that we had suggested before. We will wrap him in seran wrap and duct tape and baptize him this Saturday!

Also, Baby will be baptized this Saturday!

Also, Jamel will be baptized this weekend! Romy, his wife, isn’t ready yet, give her another month.

Jennifer opted to be baptized at the same time as Daren, so they will both be baptized on November 15th.

Sister Pira, another investigator, also held back by a medical issue, should be good to be baptized on November 15th also!!!

We finally got Sangin and Gani, Sister Timas's and Eugenia’s husbands respectively, to agree to a baptismal of date November 22nd. I feel confident now that with the support of their father and also Eugenia's husband, all four of them, Sangin, Gani, Eugenia and Kenneth will be able to quit smoking and be baptized!

Yes, that’s right, 3 baptized this week, 3 next week and 4 the week after!

Veronica. She just has no support from Roy.  We will have to try again later.

This week, we had 33 lessons all together!!! New personal record! 18 Member present investigator lessons, 8 Member present recent convert/less active lessons and 7 without members.

Basically just high on life! If transfers don't change anything, we will go for 40 lessons this week.

Not only all this, we also were able to finally get Christy confirmed. Things happened right after she was baptized, and she basically felt like the leadership in the branch didn’t care about her. We thought she was done, but, she called us the other night, she was ready to come back and came to church on Sunday!

We had 9 investigators at church and 89 people total.

Dang it! Waiting for transfers sucks...

As for the package, the shirts and pictures sound great! Just send the rest as money for souvenirs.

Transfers finally came in - so, nothing changed.... Hurray!! Elder Blackwelder and I are still in Sibu Jaya by ourselves.


Elder Halpin

We went gathering Sayur (edible vegetation) with Sister Kat. We picked Komiden (a type of edible fern) and Keladi leaf and root (Taro, the purple stuff from Hawaii, you can also eat the leaf and stem). the bag on my back was actually a gift from Sister Selehas family, they made it for me. Bags and baskets woven from plastic are very common. They claim the bag will last like 15 years.

This is a Puak, a traditional Iban Kain (cloth). Elder Kavapalu wearing the one I bought in Kapit.  They are very difficult and slow to make well, they can take up to 6 months to make depending on how big and elaborate they are.

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