Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 26, 2014 – The Lords Work is Great! - Week 17 in Sibu Jaya

Dad: Amanda & Marcos got married yesterday in the Spokane Temple.  It was very nice and we spent the day helping out with the reception and such.  They are driving back to Provo today so she can be back to school tomorrow…

Elder Halpin: Wait what? Yeah, I didn’t know Amanda was even engaged... Congratulations!

This week was pretty good.

We had 103 people at church, the most since February! We also had 11 investigators come to church!

Baby is doing very good. She will pray in front of us now and does every morning and night. She will get baptized next week. Sigai is a boss new member. He’s been following us to appointments now, way cool.

Jennifer is good also, she will get baptized this weekend.

We found another new investigator this week, his name is Daren. He is the son of a less active member, Sister Inchin, who has started coming back to church. He is 10. We put him on date for the 15th.

Veronica isn’t gonna make it this weekend. So basically she is getting no support from her husband Roy. Just generally being a jerk. He goes to work in Bintulu for a couple weeks then comes back and plays futsol for a few days then leaves again, hardly even sees her. Doesn’t even give her money to pay for a private to church... So, no church, probably postponed until we can knock some sense into his head.

Dad, I was talking about the word of wisdom, some Elders have even contacted people using the word of wisdom pamphlets.

Romy and Jamel are doing good! They are working on overcoming smoking right now.

Eugenia and Kenneth are doing good. Hopefully they can stop by this Saturday.

Dad: First off – I called the Missionary Mall to get you some new shirts…  I told them what happened, and, when they returned to the phone, after rolling on the floor laughing, they said the replacement shirts were free…  They said it was more important that you look good than worry why your shirts had problems.  So, I ordered 5 shirts for you…  We got the shirts and they are “FITTED” shirts, do you want “FITTED” shirts?   I can call them on Monday and get these swapped out with regular shirts if needed…  They also told me about a call they got where the Elder bleached his suit…

Elder Halpin: The shirts! So maybe fitted shirts wouldn’t fit me very well.... Better to just get the normal ones, remember I needed them tall. Poor guy, bleached his suit....

On Tuesday we followed a bunch of people out to Sister Selehas kebun to help Brother Beregong, (currently not interested in the church, will have to get him later). Sister Lulong’s husband. He was clearing land to make way for a fruit trees. Our job was to use machetes to cut down the underbrush, small trees and vines so that he could get to the big trees with the chainsaw. Pretty intense. The jungle, I have decided is made up of 4 types of plants. Edible plants, trees, plants that try to kill you with thorns and plants that try to kill you by tripping you into the plants with thorns. So yeah, got pretty beat up.

Anyway, how is the kitchen going now that it’s cold?

Anyway, love you guys!


Elder Halpin

In the jungle, Brother Beregong sitting in the back, 
Sister Lulong standing, 
Sister Kat next to me.

Sister Inchin and Daren

Me and Elder Blackwelder.

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