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November 16, 2014 – When it Rains, It Pours… - Week 21 in Sibu Jaya

So this week was so going so good, I should have known it was too good to last...

Katherine: How are you doing?  I really miss you what did you have for breakfast today?  I had rice krispies.

Elder Halpin: Katherine, this morning for breakfast I had Sarawak Laksa with Milo ice and a BBQ Pork Pow. Very delicious. Rice Krispies sound very nice, cold cereal here is more expensive than in the US and is not very good.... The milk is also overpriced and pretty gross.

Dad: So, when you want to say something in Malay, you think of it in English and then translate it…  What about when you hear something in Malay, do you translate it to English before you respond?

Elder Halpin: First off I will clarify some things.  I only think of stuff in English first when it’s very complicated or when I need to use big words. Usually when speaking or being spoken to and such I just think in Malay. For myself and most missionaries I have talked to have said that the language comes in jumps. Really slow, not getting any better followed by a large jump in skill level. One of the biggest is when you stop thinking in English before you speak.

Concerning Hobbits (no actually seran wrap). In the beginning of 2013 Brother Phillip got very sick. He was in a coma for a week or so. In that coma he said he had a vision in which an angel came to him and told him that he needed to bring his family closer to God. In about June/August of 2013 year Sister Kat introduced the Elders to Brother Phillip and Sister Serawa's family. Brother Phillip realized that this was the path that they should take. So Brother Phillips family was baptized at the end of last year/beginning of this year. He however, was working in Kapit so couldn’t really learn. About a week or two after I was transferred here he stopped working in Kapit and moved back to here. Elder Chan and I taught him the lessons and he was ready to go but had to wait because he had a something such that couldn’t get wet and was pretty delicate at the time. So had to wait. Anyway 2 weeks ago we were at their house and he said he thought his side was healed enough that he could try it. So we gave them serarn wrap and duct tape and we baptized him. It was way cool.

We started off the week by visiting Kenneth’s family. He had cut down to one cigarette per day and seemed ready to stop. He was way psyched and was going to do it.

We also helped Sister Kat make banana chips. Sliced green bananas for like 2 hours.....

Pira was excited to be baptized.

Jennifer and Daren passed their baptismal interviews and were way excited. We were working on getting Amerol, Darens older brother to baptize him.

On Wednesday we met with President Clement and got the MLS database up to date and sorted out the branch directory. Many if not all branches in East Malaysia suffer from a lack of good clerks. Tithing usually gets done (not always, sometimes the Elders have to help) but the membership side of things is usually neglected. So anyway, he was way happy to get it under control.

also on wednesday we met with Sis Lulongs daughter and Sis Taluts grandaughter. they are both somewhat intrested. should meet them again this week.

Then it all hit the fan...

Thursday we met with President Clement to help do an audit or something such. Anyway, our MLS wasn’t the right version or something and the automatic updater wasn’t working. This audit thing was supposed to be done by the end of June by the way. Anyway we thought it would be a good idea to uninstall MLS and reinstall it. Not the best move. You see, uninstalling it also deleted the installer exe..... Apparently there is only one man in Malaysia who can reinstall MLS and he lives in West Malaysia... Why did I get dragged into clerk work???? It’s just headaches.

Then Sister Enchin (Daren’s mother) decided to go to Kampung until January.....

Then Sister Mengan (Jennifer’s mother) got sick/lazy because it was raining.....

Then Sister Pira decided to go to Miri for school break, (end of this week until January) and wanted the Elders who found her to baptize her (they both so happen to be in Miri), (no hard feelings on this one for sure).

So anyway, we filled the baptismal font for nothing....

We can’t get a hold of Kenneth, we think he and his family are in Bintulu or something such, so no clue on how he’s doing.

Some punk took a hammer or something to Elder Blackwelder’s bike and in the process of trying to steal the front gear bent it. Now the poor guy gets about 300 feet and his chain comes off. He has to get off put it back on and go again....

So yeah.

It’s alright though. Next week will be better.

Looking forward to the package.


Elder Halpin

The biggest ants I have ever seen in my life. 
They are an inch and a half long, no joke.

Sis mengans younger daughter. pretty cute.

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