Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 10, 2013 – A Week of Ugh… - Week 21 in Kuching

So this week was my most unproductive week on my mission ever....

So first off on Monday we had an appointment scheduled with a potential named Madeline. It fell through that morning.

The next day we had 2 appointments, one with Teresa and one with the “Jumat" family. Both of them fell through.... ugh...

We weren’t able to reschedule any of the 3. Teresa can only meet Thursday. The "Jumats" are gone the last half of the week working on their new longhouse and Madeline isn’t answering her phone.

So yeah. Anyway on Wednesday we went to Singapore. We jalan jalaned it up all afternoon and then had dinner and a family history workshop.

Thursday was Zone Conference. It was pretty good, learned some useful things and also was spiritually uplifted.

Friday we traveled back to Kuching. That went well until I had waited for a long time at the baggage claim and realized they had lost my bag. Anyway, they said they thought it was on the next flight so we went home and proceeded to unpack and plan for the coming week.

We then found out that our house rent was up and so we had to call the senior couple who are in charge of that and have them work it out. Anyway,.yea.

Saturday they finally located my bag. and guess where it was.... Beijing China..... Yeah I know right, apa hal.

Anyway I proceeded to call them, actually no just kidding it finally arrived in Kuching, and set up a taxi to bring it to me. Said it would arrive around 2 in the afternoon, but it didn’t arrive until about 5....

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh...

But anyway, we did go visit a couple members yesterday, Bro Dunggat and his family and Sister Munah. Both of those visits went well.

We didn’t have any of the less active young men come yesterday, but a couple random less actives from Siol Kandis came, so that was good.

Anyway this morning we went to the wind caves again. There was just 4 of us this time but it was a lot of fun, instead of renting a van took the public bus... Slowest jankiest thing in the world. We finally made it to Bau and found the caves. They were a lot wetter than the first time we went, it is the rainy season.

I did hear about the storm in the Philippines, no land break here. Malaysia is probably the most storm proof place in the world though. The Philippines take all the storms from the pacific ocean and Indonesia takes all the storms from the Indian ocean.

Anyway the caves were really drippy and soggy, but we still managed to explore quite a bit, including getting up, close and personal to the bat hoard.

The trip back was fun too, took us forever to find a bus, but we eventually did.

Anyway we made it.

Love Elder Halpin

 Some random village in the middle of the Borneo rainforest.

One of many Singapore skyline photos.

In the wind cave

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