Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 17, 2013 – A Family Goes to the Temple – Awesome! Week 22 in Kuching

This week was pretty good.

First off dad, that is huge progression. When I left you probably would have died had you tried that....

Adam, yep, pretty much the youth conferences are the best. Also, nice with the tiller.

Micaela, that’s pretty cool.

David, I bet your voice is improving a lot. Also Turbo does look cool.

Mom interesting with the whole lettuce thing.

Katherine, I miss you too. my chess skills have improved I think, I’ve come up with an opening, middle game and end game that I seem to be pretty good at. I will teach it to you when I get back.

The first half of the week a lot of the less actives we are working with were at Kampung so we couldn’t really meet with them.

Theresa I don’t think will be going anywhere, she really doesn’t want this and has cancelled on us twice now...

Also we found out that the "Jumats" already moved to their longhouse. It is in Batu Kawa branch and is 20 (we think) minutes by car from MJC where the Elders in that branch live. Any way we are going to try and pass them to the Batu Kawa Elders after we get some more info. However the less active member who referred them to us said that our building is actually closer for them than going to the KDC where Batu Kawa meets. Anyway, we will see. Apparently this longhouse has 18 doors meaning that up to 18 families live there, probably less. Anyway if it is within a doable distance it will be good.

The best part of this week was with Bro Aret and his family. They left for the Manilla Philippines Temple this morning and will be there for a week. We went to his house on Thursday and helped them fill out family group sheets for several hours, that was a lot of fun. I’m so excited for them.

We also have a new half active family to work with, they moved in from Kota Sentosa branch on the opposite side of Kuching. Basically it’s Bro Dickson and his wife Sis Remus with their 3 kids and her 2 younger brothers Jimmy and Danielson. Jimmy is 16 and Danielson is 14. Bro Dickson and Sis Remus want to keep attending Sentosa at least for a little while. Jimmy and Danielson are going to start coming to our branch though, and Jimmy came on Sunday. Anyway he is super excited to able to come to church again. Basically they were less active in Sentosa and when they moved nobody really knew. Anyway because of the distance to the Sentosa building Jimmy and Danielson stopped going because Kuching buses are NOT reliable and the family only has 1 motto. Anyway the bus route from where they live to the church is much more reliable and they will be coming from now on.

The rest of this week was pretty normal. Not sure what all we are going to do today... We will have to figure something out. This evening we are meeting with Christy, a recent convert, and Pres. Mobil and his family.


Elder Halpin



Bro Arets Family

My comp sacked out after morning exercise
Danielson and the bike he tricked out.


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