Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 3, 2013 – Death by Overeating… - Week 20 in Kuching

David, sounds like you are kuat pandai biking api! (very good at making fire!)

Katherine, it’s a very good drawing, also, your handwriting is sangat cantik (very pretty). I miss you a lot Katherine, when I get home we will have to hangout. Good luck with your school, the kids here are almost to their "summer break" if you could call it that. Anyway just be grateful you don’t have to wear a uniform to school.

This week was good.

On Monday we jalan jalaned it up at waterfront, went to a bunch of museums and such. Also our sink exploded. Anyway, a new pipe and some tinkering and we have jury rigged a new pipe to the faucet.

Tuesday I woke up feeling well, we rode to the KDC for district meeting. Half way through district meeting I started to feel off. By the time we were at lunch I was genuinely ill. I then realized that it was my old friend the 24 hour stomach flu. Anyway, it turns out that either the Malaysian form of the virus is weak or my immune system is strong because I felt better by that evening and never threw up. Anyway, first time getting sick in Malaysia!

Wednesday I woke up and just felt off, we stayed close to the house and contacted, and also went to dinner at Brother Ulat and Sister Jantas house, it was good. Typical stuff, curry and rice, some sort of noodles, some sort of vegetables / fruit and also some fish.

Thursday we went to KG. Kudei and met with a bunch of people. We first met with Bro Sirai and his wife Sis Rimbor. They are a great family, still trying to figure out why they don’t come to church and how we can help. Anyway, in preach my gospel it says to ask everyone for referrals. The whole time we’ve been doing that, and on Thursday brother Sirai took us to visit a family that lives close to them in the kampung. Their names are Jumat, his wife Leah and somebody’s Mother Sudang. They have 2 kids, Justin and Giri. They seemed somewhat interested and we have another appointment tomorrow. The problem is that they live in kampung Kudei, and if their "fellowshipper" is less active why should they come to church? Therefore they are like Theresa in that that they live or die by those around them, to a certain extent anyway,however, if they are truly converted they will be fine.

We also met with Theresa and her family, they are doing alright.

Friday was just another day, nothing special.

Saturday we met with President Mobil’s family. They are so awesome.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Bro Spincer and Sis Pauline’s house and after that to another member’s house. Both made us dinner and I pretty much died from over eating. According to Elder Tyler that’s what Christmas is like. You pretty much are invited to everyone’s houses and you are force fed 2-3 plates of food at everyone’s. I guess you just throw up every 3rd house.... Looking forward to that....

Anyway... my shirts are doing better. It’s taking a few washings but they are noticeably whiter than they were last week. Anyway, I think I will try the vanish stuff again, maybe this time, since it’s being backed up with a real washing, it will actually work...

Thanks for the photos guys, also the recipes Mom!  They’re all great. Christmas music is an anytime CAN. There is no Christmas season here, as it were, so you just kind of up and listen to it. Actually last night at the 2nd house they had Christmas karaoke going, heaps and heaps of Christmas songs in Malay, it was pretty great.

We go to Singapore this week for visa runs and Zone Conference should be fun.

Today all the Missionaries were invited to the District President’s open house, he is Tamil and the open house is for Deepavali, the celebration of lights. Should be fun.

Mom and Matthew exchanged an email and it is added below:

Mom:  I thought the pictures of us at the Temple with Rosemitha would be great for you to share. Are members there able to get to a temple?  Where is the nearest temple?

Elder Halpin: The Temple: The people here go to the Manila Philippines Temple. Brother Arets family will be going on the 18th of this month. Basically they prepare themselves and their families and attend the Temple preparation classes and save a certain percentage of their income, and the church will basically pay for them to go, it’s pretty great.

Love you all,

Elder Halpin

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