Friday, November 1, 2013

October 27, 2013 – Revelation! Clean Shirts… - Week 19 in Kuching

This week has been pretty good. We contacted a ton of people and will hopefully have some new investigators by the end of the week.

We have started to teach Theresa again. We will have to see how far it goes, she is married to a less active member and yeah, we will see.

On Friday something both wonderful and terrible happened. We were waiting in our house to go to an appointment and the other Matang Elders came over to get some supplies. One of them pointed out that Elder Ferguson’s shirt was basically yellow. We both agreed and Elder Ferguson lamented the fact that no matter how hard he scrubbed and no matter how much soap he put in the wash the sweat stains wouldn’t come out. Elder Tyler then asked what kind of soap we used. I cheerfully responded with full confidence "Softlan."  He then asked a question that will forever haunt my mind: "is it... FABRIC SOFTENER?" I responded with a muttered, "never thought of that".... "maybe that’s why my clothes always stink".... We quickly walked to the back and confirmed my fears. For the past 4 months I have been washing my clothes with fabric softener. Yes you heard that right. For the past 4 months I might as well have been just soaking my clothes in a bucket of water....

Anyway it’s all Elder Berger’s fault. He’s the one that picked it and I never questioned his decision. So yeah on Friday night I washed all my clothes and hung them up to dry. The next morning when I could put on clean clothes for the first time in 4 months was quite possibly the most glorious feeling ever...

Anyway, holding out on bleaching things seeing as I haven't actually used SOAP yet...

Facepalm.... repeatedly.....

Anyway this week people were all in Kampung or super busy, we didn’t get a whole lot of appointments in. We did meet with Sister Munah. The old one in Siol Kandis that used to be Muslim. Well anyway, last week she was in Kampung and was cutting a ring around the bark of a tree, not exactly sure why and some sort of juice or sap from the tree got in her eyes. Long story short she is partially blind now. It’s super sad because she can’t read now. She loves to sing the hymns but can’t read them now. At one point some missionary recorded all the hymns in Malay and so I am trying to track down someone who has them so that I can burn them onto some discs for her.

We also had a district activity all day Saturday. In the morning was a Young Men’s activity, so we went to Kampung Kudei and got together a bunch of less active youth to go. They had a lot of fun and the next day one of them was at Church. While I feel that a lot of the adult less actives are somewhat hopeless, I feel that if a good Young Men’s program were to be built that a lot of them would stay active and eventually go on missions.

So yeah, new project.

Love Elder Halpin

Here are some pictures

Sister Gulang’s house.
You will notice that the bottom is concrete and the top is wood.
That is because it is an old Meleyu house and 30-100 years ago the bottom wouldn’t have existed.
It would have just been the top half on 6-8 foot tall stilts.
You’ll notice the door going to nowhere on the top level, that is the original door.

Me attempting to Oxybleach 2 shirts overnight.
Might have worked better if had had real soap the next day!!!


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