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December 1, 2013 – Transfers, Going Ipoh - Week 24 in Kuching

Dad: Ohhhh... You’re going to be an Uncle! Gladys and Bright are expecting in July 2014!!!!

Elder Halpin: Congratulations Gladys and Bright!!!!

This week was pretty good.

To start Elder Ferguson finally got better on Wednesday.

Thursday the two senior couples in Kuching put together a Thanksgiving feast!!! It was delicious!

After that we went and visited Brother Aret and Sister Linyang for the first time since the Temple. It was a really good experience for them and when they bore their testimonies at church it was really awesome. Malaysians are very private with their emotions but when Sis Linyang bore her testimony she was crying, the first time I have seen that since I've been here.

By the way, I'm getting sangat pandai makan Durian. Durian season is in full swing and every other member we go visit gives it to us along with Rambutan. It turns out it's true, what people say, by the 4th time I ate it I actually liked it a little bit.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Oh, my bike tire exploded (a used one I scavenged at another missionary house) and I had to do quite a bit of searching to procure a suitable one.

We also finished Elder Ferguson's training this week, a bittersweet moment... haha

So yeah, we are waiting for transfer news now, it'll come sometime around 12 noon..

Did I ever tell you about what Elder Ferguson does in his sleep? The first time I noticed it we were about half way into his training. Basically he goes into an awake/asleep state. What he can do varies depending on what awareness level I can get him on (yes that's right I can trigger it when I hear his breathing go into a certain stage). Anyway, the first level is when he talks and makes noise in his dream, basically uncontrollable and the quality (for comedy purposes) of the episode is completely random. The second level is fun, basically I can hold conversations with him and sometimes get him to sing and such. The third level is just plain scary... I've only gotten him to that level twice. The first time I got him to that level he danced around like a madman. The second time was actually just a couple nights ago. He tried to kill me, yes, you heard that right. Basically he had a dream where he was fighting transformers/cyborgs. I apparently was the lead cyborg.... Long story, bottom line is that he woke up outside sitting in our courtyard with the keys and locks, a can of air freshener he was using as a gun, and a monkey wrench he tried to bludgeon me with after I fought him for the war hammer and won.... Long story. When the episodes end he wakes up and has no clue what just happened. I video some of them and he always gets a good laugh, all in good spirits.

Mom: Could you tell us about some of the Malaysian members? Do you have a favorite family or single member and why?

Elder Halpin: Let's see a favorite family or member? Don't have one, I couldn't pick if you put a gun to my head. They are all great and I love them all. I guess I could give you a list with brief descriptions.

President Mobil and Sister Nisi and their family. They have 6 kids and one moto, Most of them use the bus on Sunday. President Mobil is the best example of Priesthood service I have seen in my life. He works very hard to support his family and then does a TON to support the Branch. They live in a Malay style house on the outskirts of Kampung Kudei and their son Cyrill, who is 13, comes with us to visit all the less actives in Kampung Kudei.

Brother Aret and Sister Linyang and their family. They have 3 kids and live in Kampung Kudei. They just went to the Temple as you know. Really a great family.

Brother Dunggat and Sister Dina and their daughter Dorina. They live in Kampung Gita, in a Kampung mansion. As you already know Brother Dunggat owns a palm oil plantation. He is exactly like Grandpa and she is exactly like Grandma. Exactly, no joke.

Sister Gulang. She lives alone with a bunch of cats and dogs so we go visit her a lot so she doesn't get too lonely. When she talks she campors (mixs) Iban, Malay and Bahasa Sarawak (a slangy language that basically mixes the 2 aforementioned languages and then shortens and twists all the words. Only the locals know it) so it's always fun.

Sister Munah. She is like 80 years old and lives with her family in Siol Kandis. They are half less active and half Muslim. You see she is from Indonesia and was a Christian there. When she moved here she married a Muslim and thus was forced to become Muslim. He died and she decided to become Christian again, (very difficult). So she went to the government building and whined and made a riot until they let her change back. A few years later and now she is the only active member in Siol Kandis.

Brother Ulat and Sister Janta and their family. They live in the Batu 5 flats. They have a couple kids that are already grown, one of which, Angela, is going to Unimas and wants to go on a mission. Really cool family.

Brother Spincer and Sister Pauline. Their kids are already moved out, they live in Maliha. Awesome family.

Brother Fredy and his wife, (drawing a blank, maybe lina?) and their daughter. They live in Taman Genesis. Brother Fredy makes Kuching famous BBQ chicken and pork.

Sister Anaias. One of Elder Trotter's recent converts, she works in emart and lives in a hostel in one of the shoplots. Super awesome. A lesson with her was the first lesson I went to (she taught me).

Sister Christy. Also one of Elder Trotter's recent converts. Lives close to Sister Gulang in Semarah Padi.

Brother Liman and Sister Norsia. They live in the Batu 9 flats. Awesome family they have 2 kids that are like 5 and 6, the most nakal (naughty) kids I have ever met. Bro Liman makes a mean burger.

The new family in Sungai Maong. Brother Dickson and Sister Remus with their 3 kids and her 2 brothers Jimmy and Danielson. Awesome family.

This is only a short rundown of some of the members. I love them all and am going to miss them so much.

Transfers are in 10 minutes... It's like Christmas. Really, I couldn't sleep last night.

Love you all,
Elder Halpin

I'll send some pictures after transfers.

Elder Halpin: So, I’m going to Ipoh 2 to finish the training of an English Elder who's name is Elder Coloma. I'll most likely have a flight out on Thursday. This transfer is sort of bittersweet, I'm basically going to a different mission. For one, the Ipoh Branch is probably the strongest in Malaysia. Secondly, I'll be speaking English and we are going to be working with Chinese most of the time. It's still a biking area. It'll be fun, I'm excited.

Mom: Where is Ipoh?

By "different mission" you mean the type of area and the people/language/culture are very different?

Elder Halpin: Ipoh is in West Malaysia. Basically instead of Ibans, Bidauyus, and Chinese I'll be working with Chinese and maybe some Tamils. Ipoh is mainly a Chinese city and I will be speaking English 99% of the time. That's the biggest downer in going to Ipoh for sure. But other than that it's going to be a fun transfer. It's still a biking area so I'll have to haul that over, it'll be fun.

Mom: Well.... just keep reading your Kitbab Mormon. You'll probably get transferred again to a Malay branch and you won't want to get rusty!

And just when you were starting to like durian fruit!! :) (Maybe they eat it over there too)

We didn't get your final package list. We really need to send your package tomorrow.

Elder Halpin: Oh yes, package list well here it is. And why are you sending it to the MTC? Anyway, so the bike lights and tire patches. A pair of jeans (you can pull them out of storage). Anything else that I had in the previous list that I have not mentioned. The chocolate of course. Other than that I honestly don't know, I couldn't really think of anything. Surprise me!

Mom: Whoops...did not mean the MTC.... We will send to the address you gave us. We will surprise you then.

Pictures this week were provided by Sister Moulder, one of the Missionary Couples who provided the Elders and Sisters Thanksgiving dinner.


Brother Aret and Sister Linyang family

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