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December 15, 2013 – Miracle Scripture Find - Week 2 in Ipoh

Mom: What is a shoplot?

Elder Halpin: So, this week was pretty good. First off a "shoplot" is this.


Shoplot pictures.

Mom: You will have name tags in Malay and English and ??

Elder Halpin: The other language name tag I will have is Iban.

I think this week my email will consist mostly of pictures.

Anyway we have 2 solid investigators and 2 families of Myanmar refugees that we are teaching. They are decently solid in their religions and only speak Malay and Burmese. It’s pretty difficult to teach them, I am having a hard time simplifying my language enough, you would think that wouldn't be a problem but they only understand when you use slang and super simple expressions. They are also having a hard time understanding the importance of the Book Of Mormon. Thus they always ask for proof in the bible of everything we teach. It’s not such a problem but the first time they asked it caught me off guard. I was scrambling through my Indonesian bible trying to find the pre earth life as the family waited and my companion and the member we had with us just looked at me....  I finally realized I didn’t know a scripture about that and so just said a prayer and opened the book, to a scripture about the pre earth life! Total Miracle there.

The other 2 investigators we have are from mainland China and so we use translators to help them.

One of the investigators is named Xavier. He’s 14 and from mainland China and is on date for the December 28th.  He’s pretty solid so we are mostly just working on making sure he understands everything and also working with his mother.

The other good investigator we have is Angel. She also is from mainland China. Her husband is less interested, but is progressing. We will probably try and put her on date this week.

They are both progressing well and come to church almost every week.

Other than that it’s been a lot of knocking and such, actually people seem to be more open here as long as you go to the right area. We knocked for half an hour once and got 4 numbers.

The other cool thing that happened this week was last night. One of the member's niece was getting engaged. So we got invited to the Hindu Temple -  to the engagement ceremony. It was pretty cool and we got some really tasty Indian food and a up close look at the idols inside. The ceremony and dinner took about 2 hours. The actual wedding will be in June 2014 I guess.

Mom: Funny….never thought I would hear you say “really tasty Indian food”!  

Elder Halpin: What do you mean? Curry is delicious, no joke. Honestly there are very few things that I’ve tried over here that I haven’t liked. Some things take some getting used (for instance Durian) to but they are all good.

Mom: Hey…I am with you.  I love curry too.  But the one time I tried to make something with curry, you kids all complained so I didn’t try again.

Love you all

Elder Halpin


The 4 Matang Elders
with President Mobil and Sister Nisi family.

The Church building with our apartment tower in the background and Elder Coloma in the foreground.

Waiting at the gate for the ceremony to start.

A Buddhist temple built into one of the huge rocks I was talking about. apparently they have cave temples here. I even heard tell of an abandoned one full of monkeys....


A funny thing, I don’t have picture of Elder Coloma and I in our missionary garb. This is the best I have right now. (at the Engagement party).









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