Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 22, 2013 – First Christmas in Malaysia - Week 3 in Ipoh

This week was good.

We have been working with our investigators and less actives. Our investigators are progressing. We will have to push Xavier’s date back a week or 2 because his mother is in China working until like the 2nd of January and we want her to be here. Also my companion is WAY green and basically doesn’t know if Xavier asked her if he could be. We will see though, she was investigating too before she went to China for work.

Angel is progressing as well. The whole branch has been going caroling every night for the last little while and she has been coming too and has made some good friends. That will definitely help her in the long run. We will try and put her on date this week as we did not have a chance last week to meet with her.

The 1st Myanmar refugee family and the 2nd one are doing well I guess. We found out a lot about them when we met with them yesterday. So first off they are all a race called "Chin Chi." I think. they are all one big group for the most part and are almost all Catholic. We met with their pastor yesterday he was nice and a little interested. Anyway they say that Malaysia is their first stop on the way to America. I guess they are trying to get refugee visas or something. They say they plan on living in Syracuse, New York. Not sure why Syracuse, maybe there are already Myanmar people living there? Anyway interesting story. We are meeting with Myanmar family 2 after this, wish us luck yeah.

On Thursday we had a Christmas conference in Kuala Lumpur. We took a 3 hour train ride down on Thursday morning and came back Friday morning. I received the package there. It was wondrous and the music is much appreciated. The cookies were also delicious. The nativity set is great and I set it up on our bookcase, it’s very nice.

Anyway, we jalan jalaned it up Thursday evening, went to a mall for dinner that was located under the Petronas Towers. They are very pretty at night and are covered in white lights. The apartment we stayed at was the weirdest thing ever. So first off, they have no water filter so they have to buy water from the apartment filter downstairs, very odd. Secondly the apartment security is on a power trip and demanded that we give him the copies of our passports for him to keep until we left the next morning. Of course we refused which started a 15 minute argument in Malay, (actually kind of fun) anyway they finally let us up without taking the passport copies.

I’m not positive that the apartment wasn’t a gang boss’ before it was the missionaries. It had blue lighting (yes blue lighting in the ceiling) and this weird hanging chandelier that almost touched the floor.

Anyway like I said we have been caroling to people’s houses like 3 times this week and will go again tonight and tomorrow night.

On Christmas we have a few appointments already. There is a recent convert family that we have been working with. Before they joined the church they were Hindu. Anyway on Tuesday we met with them intending to relate the story of the wise men and how they could share the gospel by giving away a Book Of Mormon to their friends. Anyway come to find out, they had no clue what Christmas was or why people celebrate it. I’m sitting there a little in shock about this revelation. Anyway we will be going over on Christmas to help them celebrate their first Christmas, should be fun.

This Branch loves missionaries - seriously. For instance there are like 5-8 people that give us rides in their cars to appointments all the time. They provide referrals to us all the time as well and help us teach. There are also a lot of really cool Young Single Adults and Young Men that help us out. Yesterday the Relief Society gave us Christmas presents.

Do you remember if I ever told you about Sister Chris and her family? Well anyway, they love the missionaries and shower us with stuff and favors. For instance, yesterday, we went to their house for dinner (sangat sedap!!!) and they gave us all badminton rackets (they own a sports gear store). Anyway I think I told you before but Badminton is very popular in Malaysia, they have the number 1 ranked player in the world. It is also very popular among the missionaries here. We go every Monday and play for about 2-3 hours. I am getting much better.

Anyway, life is good. I’m getting the area and faces down, and Elder Coloma is great.

Oh, about curry, there are a million different types, Iban, Tamil, Hindi, Melayu, Chinese and any number of mixes and such. They are all good, but yeah, I probably should try and get some recipes.

Also, Sister Chris offered her computer and gear to Skype. So yeah, make a Skype name. Sister Chris will search you and "friend" you or what not. On Christmas day I might send an email to reconfirm the time. There are two of us and one computer so one person might go at 11 or 1 and the other will go at 12.

Mom: Good to hear things are going well with Xavier and Angel.   Hope you are taking pics of those you are teaching. Also, a suggestion - when you take a picture of something, put yourself in it.  You know  - like Matthew with Kuala Lumpur in the background. Yeah….We like to see you.

Elder Halpin: You sound like my "father" Elder Berger. He looks through my pictures a couple weeks out and is like "these are good, just one problem,... where are you!!!!" So don’t worry, I’ve got lots of me... Got to go, goodbye.

Mom: OK… Remember to send them our way!!  “See” you in a couple of days.


Elder Halpin

Good ole Kuala Lumpur.


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