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November 24, 2013 – Missionary Splits and a Sick Companion Week 23 in Kuching

Ok so first off I didn't think I had a BYU ID or anything like that, unless they are referring to the thing I made anciently for EFY...  I haven't logged on since then....  Over 5 years ago...

About the package, no need for deodorant, still working on getting to the stuff you sent me the first time...

I will send you the definitive list next Monday, lots of options etc, etc...


So basically we went on double splits on Tuesday & Wednesday. That was fun.

Wednesday night however, Elder Ferguson fell sick... and has thrown up 18 times since then. I am feeling fine however and despite my confinement to a concrete almost windowless, fluorescently lighted box for the past few days I’m doing alright, only half crazy...

On Friday one of the other Matang Elders fell sick as well, so his companion and I went on splits. We went to some flats in their half of the Matang area and went contacting.  After that, we went and visited a member.

(We’ve begun asking Matthew to answer questions in the emails from us and will be including the questions, along with his answers in his blog going forward)

Mom:  I feel prompted to ask you to share with us an experience on your mission where the Holy Ghost has guided you and has helped you know what to say.  Also, could you share with us what the greatest blessing is that you have received thus far while on your mission?

Elder Halpin: There have been many times when I have felt prompted to say something or do something... Honestly mostly it’s been promptings to talk to certain people or say certain things to people as we are about. For instance, on Friday, we knocked on a door, a lady answered, and as we spoke to her i felt prompted to testify about the Holy Ghost and how it could bless her life. We weren’t able to get a return appointment but she said she would talk to her husband and read the restoration pamphlet and start the Kitab Mormon and that she would call us if she wanted to learn more. So yeah, nothing yet but we will see.  As for blessings, there are a lot. Both spiritual and physical. Probably the biggest blessing I have received is knowledge, knowledge that i can rely on the lord.

So yeah, that was my week. Elder Ferguson is still kind of sick, so after this we will probably just limp home and spend the rest of the day in the dungeon...

Glad to hear your week was better than mine!!!

Also!!! On Tuesday, on splits, we went to a member’s home and they gave us durian..... Actually it wasn’t as bad as it was the first time, and I managed to eat 6 bijis... (6 seeds). yummy...

Also I am probably being transferred next week. Maybe deeper into Sarawak. My theory is that I’m going to Bintulu (I do have reasons for thinking this, it’s not idle speculation), never know though. What I do know is that I am going to hate saying goodbye to everybody here.... So yeah. If I do get transferred I will know about 12 on Monday and probably fly out or bus out Thursday the 5th.

I forgot my SD card adapter so I will borrow someone else’s camera and cord in a little while and send you guys some pictures.

(Matthew and we were able to “email chat” for a bit)

Mom: So you have been working a lot with inactive members.  How is your little branch doing?  How is the priesthood leadership?  How are the youth doing?  Do you see the branch becoming stronger or is it going to be a much longer process?

Elder Halpin: President Mobil is amazing, that being said it’s going to take a lot of effort over a long time to reactivate a lot of these people. The Youth here struggle a lot. We’ve been working with the young men in the branch a lot, and when we go to appointments we bring one of them if we can. That all being said I feel like the branch is stronger than when I got here.

Mom: Also, let Elder Ferguson know that we will be praying for him.

Elder Halpin: Oh, Elder Ferguson says "Well I haven’t got you sick yet, so that’s good"....

Mom: So you are waiting right now to find out if you have been transferred?

Elder Halpin: No, transfers are next week. Don’t mind my English it’s sort of gone off a cliff. I’m constantly trying to remember words... As the people say here, "oh my English". So here’s the deal with transfers. Basically the mission is being prepared for a split, since the beginning it’s been like 2 different missions. In West Malaysia and Singapore all they need is English and Chinese except for in one city. Also the work is very different. You mostly work with Tamils and Chinese and a lot higher percentage of the population is Muslim. So as the mission doubled in size just after I came in a majority of the missionaries were English speaking. Basically the President is putting all the Malay missionaries except a few in Sarawak and Sabah preparing the mission. Because of this and because the President wants to strengthen the cities, before pushing into the Kampungs, all the areas in east (and most of west), with a few exceptions, are being split into 2 like the Matang branch. There are still a lot of Malay missionaries in west and Singapore right now finishing up the training of English Elders. This transfer they will be finished. Anyway, basically, the only city not split up is Bintulu so my theory is that I will go there to split an area, maybe with an elder from the West. So yeah...

Mom: Has Elder Ferguson gone to the doctor....Throwing up that many days is probably not the normal stomach virus.  He could have picked up a parasite.  Katherine says she feels sorry for your sick companion. David says I hope Elder Ferguson gets well.

Elder Halpin: Also, when Elder Ferguson got sick in the US he was sick for several days too. That being said, he called Sister Mains and if he’s not better by tomorrow then he will go to the doctor.

Mom: That brings up a question - Are you taking your vitamins and when will you run out?  Are you using your preventive oils? 

Elder Halpin: As for me, yes I’m taking my vitamins. I don’t know when they will run out. I haven’t touched the oils except for the clearskin stuff which I am now trying in conjunction with face wash stuff.

Elder Halpin

Durian fruit before.

Durian fruit after.

They trick out the junkiest cars here.....



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