Monday, March 24, 2014

March 16, 2014 – Baptism's in Ipoh! - Week 9 in Kuching

That’s really sad about Argus....   He was a good dog.

Note: Argus was our dog who was hit by a car…

Otherwise this week has been good.

So first off flight MH370... So basically the entire country is in an uproar about it... Our members have many theories... Basically the 2nd hour of church was spent first, discussing Jacob’s wives, then discussing ghosts and the missing plane.... People here, in general, love ghost stories and supernatural stuff...

Samarahan branch can get a bit crazy at times.

Last week, after emailing, we went to the crocodile farm. Basically the crocodiles here are the big man eating saltwater variety. I didn’t realize how they could eat people until I saw how big they really are.... Basically huge.

Earlier today we went to the Kuching Kucing (cat) museum... Basically it was what you get if you google image the word cat.... Not my cup of tea...

We keep working with the families we have been working with and I think a lot of them have been making progress. Good things in that court.

Now for the bestest news!!!!

You remember, in Ipoh, Elder Coloma and I had a lot of investigators right? Well, 2 of them were Angel, from mainland China, and Raj the Indian man we found. Anyway, I called Elder Coloma the other day and Angel actually met the Baptismal date we put her on (the 1st of March) and Raj got baptized on Friday!!!!!!!!

So yeah, pretty exciting!

Sorry, don’t have a lot of time to email.

Elder Halpin

Elder Coloma's companion, Angel & Elder Coloma

Elder Coloma's companion, Raj & Elder Coloma

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