Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2, 2014 – New Companion, Apartment Redecorated? - Week 7 in Kuching

This week sucked....


Dad: What is Bahasa?  Is it another language like Iban?

Elder Halpin: Dad, Bahasa means language in Malay, so when I say Bahasa I mean Malay.

No actually it’s been pretty fun. So to start off transfers went over pretty smoothly. Elder Poppleton left on Tuesday and Elder Lafontaine got in later that evening. He’s pretty cool. He’s from Brighton Michigan. He’s been out 13 months so about three more than me.

Andrew is coming along alright, we are teaching him the basics again because he still isn’t really sure about some things.

Otherwise our investigator pool is kind of nil. That being said there are a lot of potentials that Elder Poppleton and I found that are beginning to show, hopefully we can meet some of them this week.

Also, the Less Actives we have been working with are doing well. There is one less active that Elder Poppleton and I and Elder Griffon before me have been trying to meet for the past 3 months. Her name is Sherim. Anyway she finally answered her phone for the first time on Wednesday and we were able to meet with her. She is a college student from Sibu and is really smart. She had read until Mosiah 27 so we read that with her. She actually asked questions and highlighted stuff (basically in east Malaysia if you highlight AND ask questions you’re an absolute boss). So pretty cool, maybe just a bit lazy to get on the bus, so if we can get her to do that then she’ll be good.

Brother Beliang and company came to church again for all three hours. Good stuff. I was finally able to meet his oldest son Brother Jackson or Brother "Menyebot" as everyone calls him because he is always busy. Very funny guy, I feel like we can get him to church if we can start working on him more.
Bro Uching and family is doing well, they are starting to read.

Bro Niga, our Recent Convert, is doing well. He finally has the alphabet down and now we are working on sounding out words. While we were there a member who lives across the street came over and said hi, after which, his neighbor came over and said he wanted to join our church... So I was like “yes you can,” he gave us his number and then went next door to a Less Active member’s house and proceeded to get drunk... We’ll see...

Anyway, good week, we also found a very promising place to knock, we will try that later this week.

I realize my photos have been pretty scanty over the past transfer, next week I’ll send 3 emails worth, I promise.

Also our apartment was inspected by President and Sister Mains last week and some major changes were ordered. We had to give away our sofas, armchairs, extra desk and TV (used for church films and music) to a member.

Anyway, not really very happy about it all...  Now all we have to sit on and study on are hard plastic chairs.... Also Sister Mains pretty much hates our apartment so we might be moving soon....


Elder Halpin

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