Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9, 2014 – Less Actives Come to Church! - Week 8 in Kuching

This week was pretty good.

So we had lot of good appointments this week with the Less Active families we have been working with.  On Sunday, almost all came to church! We had 43 people at church up from the average of 25.

Anyway, Brother Niga continues to try and read, its going all right with him.

Sister Sherim continues to read and came to church.

Brother Kelvin and Sister Caren are another family we are working with, they are boss and read every night and then discuss what they read. We go over once a week and spend a long while answering their questions about what they read and such.

We had a lot of good lessons with people this week.

We are still struggling to find people to teach, but have some really good potentials we are working with and such.

Andrew is just so-so, he just doesn’t seem to be motivated. We are still working with him though.

Anyway sounds like things are going good at home, nice job on your talks guys!

Random fact: Learning English is easier for high school students here than Malay. Students who get A's in English get like B's and C's in Malay.  Even the Melayu people think its harder... (this is, of course, high level not conversational)


Elder Halpin

No pictures.......... kidding here they are.

Kuching zone except for a few missionaries there are 22
Every monday night one of the senior couples holds FHE for the YSAs in their home. Because Kota Samarahan is a college town, we have lot of YSA in our branch and we typically try and gather them up and go to it.
Brother Juni, Sister Lain and there daughter with her newborn son. This baby has the most hair I have ever seen in my entire life.
The first councilor, Brother Senen, and his family, really strong in the gospel.
Thats right, I'm a boss. It only took 9 years for me to solve...
Random Dinosaur. Yes, a dinosaur.
Borneo is home to many strange creatures.
Speaking of strange creatures, check out this thing we found in the caves. We also found birds, normal scorpions, bats (duh), spiders the size of my hand and a whip scorpion.
A quarantine center we found contacting
In the caves...


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