Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014 – Transfers, New Elders, Area Split - Week 12 in Kuching

So this week was really good.

First off transfers. I am eternally condemned to Kuching except that it’s good so I’m not sure that condemned is the right word. I am staying here in Kota Samarahan with Elder Lafontaine. We are also getting two more Elders here. An Elder Capener and an Elder Allen. We moved this morning into a new house. It is across the road from our old one in a new housing development. Anyway, I’m happy I’m staying here but I have mixed feelings about splitting the area, have to decide where the boundary should be and which half we want...

Last week was also Zone conference. It was by and far the best I have yet attended. All of the trainings and talks were spot on. They addressed the problems and challenges that we (as a mission) have been struggling with and also gave us clear insight into President Mains' goals and direction for the mission and missionaries.

We were able to meet with a few less active members last week and also met some new ones. We are still working on meeting all of those potential investigators, they have been hard to get a hold of and get appointments with.

Every month the mission focuses its studies on one chapter of Preach My Gospel. This month is chapter 3, the lessons. You would think that I would know everything by now, so I decided to read it in Bahasa and I have been surprised at what I have learned. That’s something that I think is really cool. I have noticed as I study in 2 languages, in both English and Malay, different things stand out to me as I study and read them. In English I might read a verse or paragraph and just breeze over because nothing stands out or seems important, I then read the same thing in Malay and it might blow my mind and vice versa. I guess this is because words have different meanings and such associated with them.

Funny Story.

Because Kota Samarahan meetings are a mix of Malay and Iban, I have been working on my Iban a bit. Anyway I recently obtained a "Bup Kudus" or bible in Iban. The first day I was using it I passed it across the room for someone to read from. And of course, guess what happened??? A Chechat (gecko) pooped on it...... ugh. Anyway the Bup Kudus wasn’t too bad off when I got done cleaning it.

Mom, bamboo pork is pork cooked in a section of green bamboo. They use some sort of leaf to plug the top and just stick it in some coals or over a fire. It is VERY delicious. Also speaking of food, I tried Sushi for the first time today. It is almost Elder Lafontaine’s birthday and he loves sushi. It’s pretty good, mostly I just have to get over the fact that I’m eating raw fish and it’s alright.


Love you guys all.

Elder Halpin

Forgot my picture adapter again... next week :)

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