Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 30, 2014 – Work with Less Active Members Continues - Week 11 in Kuching

This week was pretty good

Unfortunately all of our investigators and potential investigators fell through this week... Sort of a vicious cycle. That’s alright though, one of the YSA members, Mazura, brought her friend to church and it sounds like he might be interested in learning.

Anyway other than that the week was decent. We had 43 people at church, so that was good. On Saturday we had a branch activity, we went out to the jungle and had bamboo pork and BBQ chicken. As we were sharing a spiritual message the biggest spider I have ever seen in person crawled into our shelter, apparently its poison will kill you too.

We had a bunch of really good lessons this week with the less active members we have been working with. Brother Uching said that he would come to church next week, so hopefully he will.

Brother Niga continues to progress but slowly with his reading.

You will know what the package is when it arrives. Don’t open it or it will most likely be broken by the time I get back... It would be awesome if you could store it in the corner of your room or somewhere where it won’t freeze, the cold might damage it.

This week we go to Singapore for Zone Conference. Should be good, and the week after that is transfers. Overall time is just moving faster, next transfer I will hit my year mark.... It still seems like yesterday that I was in arriving in Singapore from America... Kind of trippy feelings not sure whether I’m excited or sad.

What I am sure about though is that the church is true and that the blessings we receive when we follow the teachings of Christ and his Prophets bring us true happiness in this life.

Love, Elder Halpin


Brother Uching and Family

Bro Jackson cooking.

The Laba-Laba
It's seriously bigger than my hand.




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