Sunday, October 5, 2014

August 31, 2014 – Trip to the Beach with the Branch - Week 9 in Sibu Jaya

So this week was good!

Yes Dad, that was me, stores here do not use cards and if they do I really don’t trust them, cash is king.

We had some very productive lessons with some less active families and they came to church on Sunday! Also, the three sisters from the longhouse came to church as did Sigai and Victoria.

Victoria has been reading the Book of Mormon and also coming to church but we have been unable to meet her because of her schedule. Basically she’s going to school, after school she goes to work and doesn’t come back until late. On weekends, in the mornings, starting at 10 she is taking classes at a local thing, in the afternoons she usually works again. So, basically there is no time to meet her... Just have to wait and see how it goes.

Lulong, Ida and Talot are doing good. We finished the gospel and taught about the Sabbath this week, and they came to church.

Sigai is way sick, he has read all the way to Mosiah 9. Sometimes when he doesn’t understand he reads the passage 2 or 3 times until he does. We taught the word of wisdom on Sunday, he has no problems with that except for tea, coffee and drinking in social situations (ie, Gawai) however, he committed to live it. He goes to Kapit for work for 2 weeks starting on Friday. So we pushed back his date 1 week so that he can be interviewed and also to make sure he’s ready. This will kind of be a trial by fire for him with the word of wisdom, hopefully he does good. We will be meeting him the next 3 days until he goes. His wife, Bibi, is improving a lot, she has been listening to everything now, and we are hoping that she has the desire to keep meeting once Sigai goes to Kapit so that we can catch her up and maybe the two of them can be baptized together.

Sorry if my email is full of typos, my keyboard is janky and I’m sick of repairing my typos.

Today was way fun, the branch had an activity. We went to the beach at Mukah. We took private busses. My previously casted arm got grievously burnt. It’s not white anymore. There were lots of longhouses on the road there and the beach was located next to a longhouse where 5 members from Mukah branch stay. I got to look inside and walk up and down it, it literally took like 3 minutes to walk the length of it. Sigai came and helped cook the meat, he has already made a few friends. The sisters also came (they spent a lot of the time collecting jellyfish, I helped a bit), they had fun. Found a baby monitor lizard (biawak), it was very vicious, would jump at you and not let go once it bit something like a flip flop. Also a baby shark, pretty cool. Also a horseshoe crab, also cool.

So, fleas.... eek. That’s unfortunate. Also the food, unfortunate... Speaking of mice, we hear rats in the ceiling a lot. One advantage Malaysia has to America is that the walls are concrete, the mice and rats can’t go through the walls.

Good that the house is clean though!


Elder Halpin


Looking down the outside of the longhouse from the middle.

The end looks deceivingly close, the people at the end of the hall are adults. 
i have another picture with me at the end but its blurry, i am the same size as them.

Random picture, this is one of many ways they sell fowl at the market, they just wrap them in a newspaper, put a string on it and call it good, no need for refrigeration.

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