Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September 28, 2014 – Going for the record! - Week 13 in Sibu Jaya

Well, not really sure where to start!

I’m an uncle! Woot, woot! So cool! Congratulations! 

Good to hear Uncle Ben wasn't hurt and Grandpa’s doing alright.

How’s the fight against the mice and fleas going?

This week was a bit hectic.....

So, first off, transfers were moved to Wednesday and we didn’t know that until Tuesday evening.... Just scurried around trying to visit people.... 

Wednesday morning Elder Kavapalu and Elder Strathearn left. However, things happened and only Elder Zimmerman (Elder Blackwelders new companion) ended up coming. Anyway we were a “tripanionship” all of last week. This morning Elder Zimmerman left so I am now companions with Elder Blackwelder and we have all of Sibu Jaya to ourselves. It has been a bit crazy around here....

The longhouse people came to church on Sunday. Brother Sigai was also given the Aaronic priesthood. Way cool! 

Having all of Sibu Jaya is going to be crazy. Right now we have 15 people on date. 3 will be baptized on the 11th of October and 4 on the 18th of October if everything goes according to plan. We will be going on lots of splits, we already have splits planned 2-3 evenings this week just to see everyone. We have lots of good potentials, in both halves of Sibu Jaya. Last year, in September, they split Sibu Jaya. Previous to that it was just 2 Elders. In the beginning of August 2013 Sibu Jaya had 35 people on date (mission record for 2013). I truly believe that if we work hard, have faith and be bold we can achieve that this transfer. I’m really just kind of hyped right now!

Elder Halpin

What passes in Malaysia for a child car seat. 
It's actually supposed to go over the back of a bench seat 
but this works too.

Helping Sister Kat in her garden. 
We burned and cleared the underbrush 
and then planted ubi kayu.

Elder Zimmerman.

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