Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September 21, 2014 – Go Boldly… - Week 12 in Sibu Jaya

So, waiting for transfers. My first transfer in Sibu Jaya was probably the slowest of my mission, this has been the fastest, not sure where time has gone.... Time is truly weird on a mission, it doesn't flow correctly.

Praying for Grandpa, he’s a hell of a lot tougher then I am, I have faith he will be fine. Is Uncle Ben alright?

The baptisms went way good. Sigai asked me to baptize him, way cool, I was pretty nervous, did it in one try though.

Other than that zone conference was good, one of the best I have attended. Talked a lot about faith. Also about boldness. Took away from it that I need to be more bold and also have more faith. I have been really working on the faith aspect and that’s going well. As for boldness, one of the things they want us to do is change the way we introduce ourselves. Typically we will walk up to somebody and talk to them for a bit and then introduce ourselves like this "we are volunteers from the church"....etc, something such. Anyway basically President Mains wants us to do it more like this: walk up, talk for a bit or whatever and then introduce ourselves like this " My name is, blank, this is my friend "blank" we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we have been sent here by Jesus Christ to tell people how they can be saved and experience happiness in their families"....etc, something such. It seemed pretty powerful in zone conference, hopefully it works well in the real world. I will let you know how it goes.

The sisters are doing well. Really working on getting them to understand the importance of the spirit.

Gilbert is good, he wasn’t able to come to church though.

Before zone conference we did some interesting things. The coolest was we accidentally (long story) made it to the top of the marina bay sands, that building with the ship on top. Way sick, pretty tall, tall enough to make your ears pop.....

Dad, I got your letter, this week i will be sending a bunch of letters back.

I hope i dont transfer, i feel like this areas going to explode next transfer... the sisters are still on date for the 11th of october. Elder Kavapalu is great, I love the members here and the area in general.

Still waiting......

Staying in Sibu Jaya!
Elder Kavapalu is leaving though, he’s going to Klang in West Malaysia...... My new companion will be Elder Thatcher from my MTC group, should be fun. Elder Strathearn is leaving too, he is being replaced by Elder Zimmerman (just a random name to you I guess).

With love and prayers

Elder Halpin


the other missionaries are Elders Blackwelder and Strathearn their recent converts are Christy on the left and Catherine in the center.

Elder Kavapalu, Sister Bibi, Brother Sigai (their child) and Me.
At Brother Sigai's baptism.

Brother Sigai and Me

Back row: Me, Elder Blackwelder and Strathearn
Front row: Sister Christy, Sister Catherine & Brother Sigai.

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