Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 5, 2014 – Brother Sigai’s Wife, Bibi, is Now Being Taught! - Week 14 in Sibu Jaya

So this week was a little rough.

Elder Blackwelder has had an ingrown toenail for about 2 months and it was getting worse not better. So on Tuesday morning we went to the doctor. The doctor promptly lopped off about 1/4 of his toe and nail (funniest broken English conversation ever: President Clement: "He took your meat!?" Elder Blackwelder: "yes President, he took my meat"...), wrapped it up and sent us away. Anyway we were stuck in the house until Friday. I hate being stuck in the house!!!!!!...... It’s the worst thing since stolen bicycles and broken wrists. Still managed to do some good work this week though!

Anyway, the good things that have happened this week!

So Bibi, Sigai's wife is learning now! Also, Sigai passed the sacrament.

Also, Ida, Lulong and Talot are getting baptized this week or next hopefully depending on how things go.

Sister Ramani, who we have been working with since I came to Sibu Jaya, came to church for the first time since last November, then bore her testimony!

So yeah things are good here! Glad to hear Grandpa is doing ok. I'm working hard on my Iban study now, I want to be somewhat proficient before the end of the transfer.

Love you all!

Sorry no pictures this week. Didn’t do anything so I don’t have any...


Elder Halpin

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