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November 23, 2014 – Branch President Change… - Week 22 in Sibu Jaya

Really mixed up this week, some good some bad.

Mom:  Dad replaced the window you broke with the rocket and Rosemitha finished off with a rock ;). 

Elder Halpin:  Hmm.... the rocket launcher would have worked fine. Just the tail was bit too heavy and didn’t have enough drag...

Katherine: I miss you and I love you!

David:  Everything’s going great.  I was in a skit at church.  I put glue on my face and gloves on my feet and ate a crayon...anyway ...everyone thought it was hilarious.  Adam says I was the star of the evening!"

Elder Halpin:  I miss you to Katherine, also David, did you actually eat a crayon???!!!

So first off, Kenneth and Eugenia are set to get baptized this week.

Jennifer was baptized on Saturday, she was way excited.

Brother Chipping and Brother Sigai received the Melchizedek Priesthood on Sunday!

On Sunday Sibu Jaya was ushered into its third age. Basically President Clement hasn’t been able continue. He is in the District Presidency and that takes a lot of his time. On top of that he was Branch President here, to top it all off he hasn’t been doing to great financially and he really just didn’t have the time for everything. So he was released as Branch President (he was way relieved) and Elder Mills was called as the Branch President. This was quite surprising. Anyway, it should be good, because President Mills has time and because of that can interview people and extend callings. He also has some experience, he was a Bishop before. Still this was very surprising.

He was given permission by President Mains to "unofficially officially" call us as assistants. We will be helping with the transition and helping him to meet people and such.  Also helping with MLS. On Sunday we did the tithing and on Tuesday we will be going over the action to do list seeing what we can help with.

Mom: I see he told you about his truck.  It is an extended cab.  Dad really likes it.  I am glad he was able to finally get his truck.  We will either sell his car or junk it.

Elder Halpin:  A truck? Sounds like a good idea, the car was self-destructing? eek.

So, later today we will be going to the church in Sibu for Thanksgiving, the senior couples have managed, reportedly, to make 10 different types of pie (from scratch none the less!!) and to have somehow found and obtained a turkey!

My email’s pretty short. You see pretty much most of this week sucked. Tuesday we got stuck in Sibu because the bus driver wouldn’t let us on with our bikes.... Anyway the senior couples were busy so we were stuck until about 10 at night when they could finally take us back. Wednesday Elder Blackwelder was sick, he slept all day... Thursday we were finally able to work but it was all rubbish. One member’s husband went ballistic and beat her up, now she is in hiding, we have no idea what’s going to happen there, also maybe another member will get kicked out of their house at the end of the year.... So yeah, just rubbish.

Anyway, gotta go.


Elder Halpin


Jennifer being baptized.

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