Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 15, 2015 – Bible Bashing, Just Useless… - Week 3 in Sabah

I got a new camera, it’s pretty nice. (It actually can zoom)!!!

That’s interesting, about Christian not being able to speak English properly... My English shouldn’t be too shabby, just that I can’t remember words anymore.

This week went pretty good.

The Indonesian family and the Nonois family were unable to meet this week, we will be meeting on Tuesday though.

We found a bunch more solid potentials. In Kampung Dambai (the kampung we found) we shared a lesson with a lady named Edeline. She said that if, in the future, she thinks it’s true she will be baptized, so pretty promising. She lives in a house with several of her kids and their families, so hopefully next time we can meet all of them!

We met this other guy named Frankie who was patching up his fighting chicken. He indicated that he’d be down to meet this week too. He has a wife and several kids.

We also met with a young couple (maybe like 16 and 18?) and a bunch of her siblings. They listened and said we could come back, we will see.

On Thursday, a former investigator named Martinus asked us to come help him build his neighbor’s house. Anyway we rode out to where they lived (Telipok, an hour and a half bike ride) and met him at the town square. We were wearing shorts and t-shirts expecting to build stuff. Anyway, he had randomly met up with this Jehovahs Witness from Australia named Dane. Anyway, we had a very civil bible bash if such a thing exists, and then went our ways.

I’ve now had twice as much bible bashing in Kota Kinabalu as the rest of my mission combined. It’s pretty useless. No, really useless. Either someone ends up humiliated (they’re not going to listen to you after that), or someone ends up way angry and defensive and won’t listen to you, or both sides walk away feeling like they "won". Just useless.

The members are pretty awesome here. The thing about this branch is that it has got no spirit now, so were really trying to infuse that into the branch.

Also this week everyone in Kota Kinabalu was sick. On Saturday I slept almost the whole day. Friday when we went out I’m pretty sure we were half delirious. Really wacky day.

Love you guys!


Elder Halpin

The famous floating Mosque of Kota Kinabalu

Me with some of the Harun Family children, Adrian his wife Alana, Laura and President Sebastian.

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