Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 8, 2015 – Making New Friends… - Week 2 in Sabah

So first off the bad news. My camera is done. It was supposed to be waterproof, specifically down to 3 meters...  But a couple inches did it in. So yeah, my camera is kaput. I looked around a bit and the cheapest cameras I could find were 250 ringgit, so that’s like 70-80 dollars something such. If the budget is there it would be way nice. If not, it’s good though, I have been using my companion’s camera to take some pictures and can continue to do that.

Anyway, other than that this week has been great!!!

My bike arrived on Tuesday.

We went contacting in this Muslim water Kampung and found this one family. Brother Nonoi and his wife Sister Ratma and their 7 kids. He is pretty cool, he made a living most of his life as a guitarist and artist, travelling all over Borneo and even going to the Philippines, Singapore and West Malaysia. Now he teaches music at a school. Anyway, we came later and tried to teach a lesson but he mostly I think wanted to bible bash and convert us....  You could tell his wife and some of his older kids were actually interested in what we were saying but he was not open. We will try one more time this week, but if he will not listen to us then there is nothing we can do.

We have been contacting that Kampung and it is going really well. We found a Dusun longhouse. We decided to try a different approach than just going up and knocking on the door. We found it because, as we riding by, a bunch of kids were throwing soccer balls at me.... So we stopped and offered to teach them English. We’ve been over three times now, and a lot of their parents that didn’t look to happy to see us when we first came are now way chill with us, this week we want to start asking if they want to learn.

In the same Kampung we went and knocked on a bunch of doors, no luck. However, two kids were following us and said they would take us to their friends and relatives houses that were Christian. So we pumped them on our bikes and they helped us contact a bunch of people. One family in particular is way promising. It’s a way big family from Timor Flores in Indonesia. They are "Christian" but, except for one of the daughters who goes to a church, don’t really know anything. We will be going back again on Tuesday, hopefully it goes well.

We have several more potentials from the same Kampung, and some others from the Muslim water Kampung.

This week should be way good!


Elder Halpin

Pictures i took before my camera died...

The view from our apartment, 
Muslim Kampung, 
hills and just peaking over, Mount Kinabalu.

These kids thought i was Messi....

Water Kampung

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