Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 22, 2015 – Opportunities… - Week 4 in Sabah

So, nine weeks left...... feels way weird.

This week was way good.

First off, when I said the branch has no spirit I meant that it’s just dead feeling. The last few sets of missionaries here have just been robots and they didn’t really connect with the members at all. So we are trying to infuse life, and its working! For the first time since I got here we’ve had members asking us to come over to their houses, others have given us referrals and offered to come teach with us!

Mom, about your contacting opportunity. Just go for it, testify. The worst that can happen is he will say no. When we act in faith God will help us. There is a book that is very popular in the mission here that I will probably get when I get back. It’s called the Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton Christianson. Way good, I would suggest it.

We were able to meet with a couple less active family's this week, both of which came to church on Sunday!:)

Our investigators are doing well. The hardest thing to get is the 2nd lesson, once they've had 2 then they will probably see it through to the end whether or not they get baptized. Currently we have a lot of people that have had one lesson, so we are really working on follow up.

One family is way dope. We contacted them that first day we went to Kampung Dambai. The mother, Raffina, is Dusun and the father, Gabriel, is Indonesian. They have 4 kids, the youngest which is 16. Anyway, they are Seventh Day Adventist (SDA). The first time we met they were pretty closed off. Raffina said that they were actively SDA since the beginning and wouldn’t change but that they would listen. The 2nd time we met, last night, they opened up a lot. Apparently they haven’t gone to church in long while because of a few things. They all have a thirst for knowledge, and have started to pray. Just way dope, I’m pretty sure they will be baptized.

We also discovered goldmine #2. Just north of our apartment complex we found 4 sets of flats. They appear to be about 50% Christian, for Sabah way good! On top of that Elders have never been here before, it’s untouched. We have gone out and knocked 4 of the blocks in one complex. We have a list of people that gave us their numbers or said to come back later. We taught 2 individuals and one family. All way promising. We only have infinite more doors to knock.

Random fact, the plan of salvation is the way to go for Catholics.

Anyway, this week is Singapore week. On Wednesday we will be going in for zone conference. Getting back on Friday night. It’s my last. I will be giving my departing testimony. Just way trippy.

Staying strong till the end,

Elder Halpin

 English class at the Kampung.

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