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August 18, 2013 – Concert On My Mission? - Week 9 in Kuching

No Facebook yet Micaela.

Sounds like fun at home.

Reid, that’s awesome!!!!

This week has been pretty haybot.

So we have been meeting all of our goals since Elder Berger’s recovery. This week we did a lot of less active work. I also went on splits since Elder Berger is the new district leader. I stayed in our area and the Elder that came here was also trained in Matang, so he showed me around Siol Kandis and we went with Sister Moonah (the nicest person ever) to a bunch of less actives here.

Jordan the investigator won’t answer our texts or our calls. Teresa doesn’t want.... Ugh...

We have some new investigators though, Lubot Gundi and his wife Indak. Indak is the cousin of Sister Gulong, one of our members. We met them for the first time on Friday and we go back again tonight. We will be going over the restoration pamphlet with them tonight.

Also we are teaching a newly returned from kompung less active member’s daughter who wants to be baptized. She’s on date for a couple weeks from now so we will see how that goes.

We also have some really good leads on where to find more people. When we were at Lubot’s they told us that one of the apartment blocks, block k is full of Ibans. We will definitely be knocking that block. Also when I and Elder Stewen (pronounced "Steven," the elder I went on splits with) were in Siol Kandis we had about an hour before a scheduled lesson, so we crossed the highway to see what was on the other side. We found this trail into the jungle and followed it. When we arrived at the other end we found that we were in a completely different kompung, Siol Batu. We will have to return and see if we can find any Christians in it.

Yes I’m taking the pills....

So yep, pretty normal week.

Final list for the box. 

1. music on thumb drive; all the spiritual and classical music you can find/fit on it.
2. chocolate; blue and red symphony bars sound like heaven.
3. like 3 bottles of maple stuff.
4. deodorant.
5. Gatorade packets and or tub of powder. please no grape or fruit punch flavor if possible. (so much better for rehydrating than plain water, also not nearly as bad for you as 100 plus or revive)

I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Mom since your bedridden, may I suggest the May 1972 Ensign. Also "Accepted of the Lord" from the July 1976 Ensign. the last one is super cool deep doctrine stuff.

Also, the reason I was not able to email last Monday is because we were doing service all day.We setup a concert venue and then attended the concert as security and then took it down at the end. The band was Beyond 5, (a Christian boy band) they were touring Asia as something for the Asia youth. So while I wasn’t really into the music, who gets to say they went to a concert on their mission?

As always, sincerely Elder Halpin.
Concert security officer!

Beyond 5 concert in Kuching, Malaysia

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