Sunday, September 29, 2013

August 27, 2013 – Prayers ... BOM in Malay! - Week 10 in Kuching

This past week has been pretty hard for me.

To start off when we were in Singapore I learned that my MTC companion, Elder Rodriguez, chose to go home for personal reasons. Really a downer.

Zone conference was actually pretty awesome. We went to several trainings and also learned that sometime (maybe) in the future we might use Facebook and other online tools to share the gospel. We also jalan jalaned around Singapore and saw a lot of the sights. Then we got The Book of Mormon in Malay!!!!!!!! Totally boss. When I read it, it actually makes sense! So ya that was awesome. It should help our missionary efforts a lot.

We got home Friday afternoon and around 9:30-10ish we received a text from our Zone Leaders saying that Elder Wiberg, one of the other missionaries in Kuching, and Elder Berger’s MTC companion, had been hit by a car going about 60 mph and was unconscious and on his way to the hospital. We both prayed and started fasting for him immediately. Throughout the night we learned about his condition and what was going on.

President and Sister Mains came to Kuching and we had a devotional Saturday night. It was very spiritual.

He passed away Sunday night at about 11, but we didn't learn about it till yesterday morning. There was a memorial service held for him yesterday evening and we all went to that.

The entire thing was very hard for our whole zone.

However, it has also been very spiritual. His companion, Elder Hirschi, said that he felt the Saviors hand in it from the beginning. Elder Gong, our Asia area seventy, said that he has just been transferred to teaching those in the spirit world. Elder Berger, my companion, had a very spiritual experience and heard his voice tell him he was fine. We learned that the Quorum of the Twelve and the Prophet had been informed and were praying for him. I know that it happened for a purpose and that he is continuing the work on the other side. I know that through the Atonement of Christ families can be together forever and that all the pain we feel can be healed. I know that I’m doing the Lord’s work and that He will move it forward regardless of any setbacks there may be.

This has really strengthened me and made me driven to work harder.

Sorry for all the dreariness.

I love you all.

Love Elder Halpin


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