Thursday, September 26, 2013

June 13, 2013 - Week 5 at the MTC

Yep I can get a phone card for like 5 bucks for like 467 minutes.

Can’t wait for the package!

The instructions you gave me seem to be working.


We leave on the 18th Tuesday, at 3 pm. We take the "roadrunner train" or something such to SLC Airport. I guess it’s cheaper than the bus. We then catch AA flight 3652 direct to LAX at 8:25 PM. We arrive at LAX at 9:25 and have a 4 hour layover. We then leave at 1:15 AM on the 19th, on Cathay Pacific Airways flight 881 direct to Hong Kong. 18 hours and the international dateline later, we arrive in Hong Kong on the 20th at 7AM. We then catch CPA flight 691 direct to Singapore at 8:05AM. We arrive in Singapore at 11:45 AM that day.

Cool ya!?

Plan on a movie night Tuesday, I’ll call in the layover at LAX, no time anywhere else. I guess since you have long distance right? After the card runs low (I heard they take a lump sum of minutes every call), I’ll give you the payphone number and you can call me if I run out.

If I can I’ll also call in Singapore or Hong Kong or something.


I get 2 checked bags going to Singapore, 50 lbs. each. However my carry on can only weigh 15 lbs.

Later today I’ll go weigh everything and if I have more than 115 lbs. of stuff, not including the stuff that I’ll carry on me (scriptures, suit, etc.), then I’ll have to either ditch it or send it home depending on the value and weight.

For example:

I won’t send any clothes home, apparently it’s impossible to find white shirts in Singapore and the "white" shirts in Malaysia are actually slightly blue.

Since the only plug in thing I have is the battery charger and since it can take 240 V I only need the plug adapter not the transformer. I might give that to somebody since its heavy and probably isn’t worth the shipping. Actually it maybe is. Email me back if you want it. I’ll check my email on Monday – we’re not doing anything that day, and I’ll either find someone or ship it depending etc.

I totally forgot! I need you to put like 700ish dollars on the card.

I need $200 for travel emergencies/luggage (luggage costs for not overweight luggage will be reimbursed in Singapore).and the other $500 for a bike. i don’t know yet how much a bike is, I’ll email you as soon as I know, and you can make the necessary adjustments. I can’t imagine that it actually costs $500 in Malaysia.

I will take the $200 in cash out of the ATM machine here, I realize there will be some fees but it’s the best I can think of.

Also help! I have totally forgotten my bank number!!!!! Please send it, maybe in a coded fashion or something, I only sort of remember it.

Email me with what you did and I will check on Monday.

Elder Halpin

Some pictures:


 Elder Rodriguez and I (better picture of me this time).

 Our MTC District
 With the flags of Malaysia and Singapore

 Elder Halpin with the Malaysian Flag

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