Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 28, 2013 – Most Boss Week Yet - Week 6 in Kuching

So we get transfers today. It's like a 95% probability that I'll be staying here and that Elder Berger will stay too.

This week was the most boss week yet. We met all of our goals except for getting someone on date but that will happen next week. Anyway, besides the investigators from last week we found a guy named Estonny and either his wife or twin sister named Jaquline? (long story). Anyway they're both 20 and we found them through the guys younger brother. Basically we found his younger brother (19) named Apet, through tracting. He said that we could come back and teach him, but when we did he totally ignored us (we could hear him talking but he wouldn’t answer the door). Anyway we left him alone for a couple weeks and then decided to just go to his house again. We did and he and his older brother were working on a moto. We started talking to his older brother who is going to school and working and he said we could come teach him. When we did he, Jaquline, Apet and their mother (not sure, maybe an aunt or something) were there. Apet was not interested at all and left after like 5 minutes. The older lady left after like 30 seconds. Estonny and Jaquline were really interested though and participated by answering questions and such, so it was cool.

Last Monday we went jungle trekking. Basically we found a trail into the jungle and followed it with machetes. Super epic. The trail that we took went through the jungle for a while and then into this wetland surrounded by jungle. On the edge of the wetland as I was looking up at a jungle tree I saw a bundle of leaves. On closer inspection it turned out to be a red ant nest. Not sure how they managed to hook the leaves together, but they did.

Katherine: of course I can baptize you when I get back. My food is mostly good and half healthy.

David: weapons.... many. The Malay/Muslims have these things called kris. Basically it’s a long curvy dagger. The Penangs (west Malaysia) use these things called sumpits, basically a 5-8 foot blowgun with a bayonet/dagger/spear blade attached to the end. Most tribes have swords and shields of course as well. I have had the privilege to hold/swing a real Iban and a real Penang sword. They either have handles carved out of wood or antler/bone. Both blades were slightly curved, the Iban more so. The Iban sword was much lighter and is more built for quick slashes and stabs whereas the Penang blade was much heavier and built for hacking. The picture I sent you before was of an Iban sword and shield. Also, happy birthday!

So quick question, since my birthday is coming up, would it be alright if I bought a sumpit? I can get one for about 40-50 us dollars, much cheaper than the sword and shield. Please? Pretty please?

Adam: sounds like a lot of fun.

So probably tonight I will finish the old testament, and thus have completed reading the whole standard works.

Oh Mom I forgot you, the walkways are anywhere from 1'-6' off the ground. Also the car is probably an ancient Produa or Proton, Malaysian brands (they all suck).

Love you all, I’ll send some pictures in a different email.

Elder Halpin

Me holding some bananas.
The only problem with grey pants.
The ant nest.

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