Sunday, January 11, 2015

December 28, 2014 – The Work Begins, again… - Week 2 in Singapore

So this week was significantly better than the last.

Christmas was pretty good. Several members invited us over on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We met the Solomon family, both Ng family’s and the Tadina family (the one we skyped at). All way cool. They also all have families and individuals they are trying to prepare to hear the gospel.

Church was really epic on Sunday. Elder Woo (the 70), President Lai (the Singapore Stake President), and another Brother taught Priesthood. Basically it was like sitting in apostolic council or something such, way powerful.

This morning we sent Elder Lee off to Canada. The end of an era. I’m pretty sure our tri-panionship was the most epic tri-panionship ever. Now I will have a bed and a desk. Also, he willed me some instant curry noodles.

I’ve started liking Singapore a little bit more.

Also we finally got our support.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with a less active ex-Muslim and with a Buddhist potential investigator. It should be good.

For Pday? I have Moms letter in hand and will send it later.

Also maybe going to get a haircut, I need one, also maybe going to try and find Indian food here in dhoby gauht.

I asked about flights home.

That’s about all.

Miss you guys,

Elder Halpin

Forgot my card reader. Sorry there are no pictures.

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