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November 30, 2014 – Snake Anyone?… - Week 23 in Sibu Jaya

This week was pretty good.

So to answer your questions

The Mills are the Senior missionaries assigned to Sibu Jaya.

Katherine, last week we didn’t baptize anyone, they ended up going out of town for a family emergency. This week they (Eugenia and Kenneth) will be baptized.

My favorite scripture this week? 2nd Timothy 1:7.

We have talked to the member, she is doing alright. She is working through divorce stuff now.

Thanksgiving was delicious. The turkey was really a turkey. There was actually only 4 types of pies (plenty!) - funny how rumors grow. But yeah, we ate until we were sick and there was still enough food to take home as leftovers.

My feelings when someone is baptized? Way happy for them. Way peaceful. I feel way relieved. I feel really hopeful for the recent convert. Kind of like getting to the top of a ridge before going for the summit. You made it, the view is great, you feel exhilarated. All that's left is to follow the ridge to the summit. Hard for me to explain.

Kenneth and Eugenia are clean, they haven’t smoked. However, they went out of town so we had to push their date back to this week. Last night Kenneth got in a motto wreck. (this is what happens when you let 14 year olds drive around mottos). He broke his collar bone and got a few stiches on his head (he decided not to buckle his helmet). So yeah, he’s alright, just shaken up.

Romy (Jamil’s wife) is doing great. She prayed out loud for the first time ever this week. She is reading and such also. She is pretty fearful about baptism so we invited her to attend Kenneth and Eugenia’s baptism this week and she said she would come. She IS ready to be baptized, just scared to do it. She said that if she felt comfortable after seeing them get baptized that she would be baptized the following week. Pretty sweet.

We have few new investigators this week that are pretty dope.

There is a Sister Mandora in the branch. She was baptized in Kuching and then moved back here. My first transfer here she had twins, way cute. Her husband is a logger, works way out in the jungle somewhere. Anyway, her brother Faska, lives with her. He is about 14-15 and is way sick. He has been coming to church and wants to be baptized. He has started reading and has been praying for a while. He is on date for the 20th of this month. On Saturday he brought his friend, Loolainick, to English class and we were able to meet afterward. Pretty cool kid, maybe he will start learning.

I’ve talked before about Sister Ramani. Anyway she was inactive but now is active. Her husband Michael works on an oil rig offshore in Thailand. He is not a member but recently came back for training and a break.  He has come to church the last 2 weeks and is pretty sick. When we asked what church he belongs to he answered "this one of course". Pretty cool. He doesn’t know when he will be going out for training so we are trying to teach him all we can before he goes out again. If it’s a while there is a possibility he could be baptized before he leaves I guess. Pretty sick.

Other than that this week has been eventful.

On Thursday, Elder Blackwelder fell ill again and was sick until Saturday. Stuck in the house...... I really just hate being stuck in the house. I can only read the scriptures and do language study for so long before I start going crazy...

On Saturday we bought a snake from a member. A 4-6 foot long boa constrictor/ball python type snake. Brother Masam brings them back from his work out in the jungle and sells them in Guni sacks. I killed it, gutted it and skinned it. We cut it into sections and decided to cook it a few different ways. We fried it with lemongrass and some other stuff - that was pretty good. We also rubbed some other spices into another section and baked it in the oven. The third section we rubbed spices and soy sauce on, this was the most delicious one. We still have a bunch of uncooked snake in the freezer. It was a pain to do, all of our knives were way dull. We didn’t have good cooking equipment either. It was definitely an experience.

The branch is getting going (really awesome). Elder Mills called his councilors, the clerk and also an Elders Quorum President (the first this branch has ever had).

Anyway, miss you guys,


Elder Halpin


The snake, minus the head, before it was eaten.

Faska and Mandora.

Brother Michael and Family 

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