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January 11, 2015 – Pride… - Week 4 in Singapore

Right now I am liking Ecclesiastes 7:8. Really applies to my situation right now. Sort of learning to be patient more.

Something that I have learned on my mission is what pride actually is. It’s not only the whole chin stuck up thing. It’s also about how you listen to and follow your leaders. About how you regard disobedience. Before I went on my mission I thought I was not very prideful at all.  I have, over the course of my mission, realized that I am very prideful, and that I have a long way to go before I will truly be humble.

This week was good.

Katherine: How were you this week?  I miss you.  I started learning piano.  I learned the first twinkle and the first part of Honeybee.  I am enjoying it.  What did you eat today?  I hope you have a good week Matthew.  Bye!

Elder Halpin: That’s way cool Katherine! This morning I had an orange and 2 roti canais.

David: Dear Matthew, Jessica was great.  Maybe next year they will come again.  We are having a good time.  We killed some chickens and Bright and Gladys made Peanut Chicken and Curry Chicken.  I ate a chicken foot.  It was tasty.  The kitchen is going not so well.

Elder Halpin: That’s cool David. One time I bought a chicken that was pre wrapped in a newspaper and then hung it on my handlebars and took it to a member’s house. Way funny. I’m riding my bike and there is this chicken sitting there swinging under my handlebars.


So I don’t remember exactly what I said last week so I’ll recap. To get to our apartment we can either take the bus right to the front door from Yishun station or we can go to Admiralty station and walk 10-15 minutes. Last Sunday night we planned to go the Yishun route but we got distracted and missed the stop. So we walked and as we were walking we were waiting for a light and we started talking to this lady standing next to us.

Her name was Sylvia. She is Chinese, 22, from Malaysia and working as a lab tech. She told us that she doesn’t normally walk that way but she felt like she should that night. The next day we were able to meet. Not only did we think it was a miracle but she did to, way sick! Anyway she is "Buddhist" but not really. She was pretty interested in hearing what we had to say. She had lot of questions about things, including about Christianity in general. Way good lesson, we were able to share the restoration, she said she would pray and read.

We are meeting her again tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.

The Chinese Brother has not been able to meet.

We went to the Selvan family again on Saturday. They are great. We will be meeting with their oldest son this week, CJ. He is way cool, going to school. He also knows sign language and translates for a deaf lady in our ward. We will be talking about a mission with him. In Singapore it’s way hard to go because of national service. All men have to serve a 2 year term in either the army, security force (police) or the Bomba, which is like ambulance, fire etc. Anyway, they have to do that before they can go on a mission, so it basically all adds up to waiting 4 years away from studies. Even still most of the active YSA in the ward have or are going to go on missions, pretty cool.

We will be meeting with the Cortez family this week, hopefully also with Sylvia. They are a way cool young Filipino couple. They both served missions in the Philippines.

Also, we met a Muslim lady from Indonesia on Saturday last and were able to meet her this Saturday. Her name was Euly. She wasn’t super interested, mostly just curious. She turned out to not speak English as well as we thought so I ended up teaching the lesson in Bahasa. It went alright, she accepted and said would she try reading a Kitab Mormon. We will see if it goes anywhere. It was one of the strangest lessons so far on my mission. So I could say Allah, instead of Tuhan, I was teaching a Muslim, she understood all of the deep vocabulary, the only word I had to explain was priesthood. Just way different.

So yeah it’s going good, we are just cranking through heaps of potential investigators.

Miss you guys a lot.


Elder Halpin

I decided to count my change. I have a lot.

Looking out the living room window, the MRT, flats and a bus stop.

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